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DotNetNuke is a website Content Management (or CMS) platform for Microsoft. It is valued that over 700,000 websites are powered by DNN around the world.

DotNetNuke is an open source web application framework ideal for making, installing and handling interactive web, intranet and extranet sites. The arrangement of an enterprise portal, integrated content management system, sophisticated skinning device, and the aptitude to display static and dynamic content makes DotNetNuke a vital tool for ASP.NET designers. Basically, dot net nuke framework permits users to do all that they desire with the application infrastructure both commercially and non-commercially, with the simple condition of return credit to the DotNetNuke project community.

Dot Net Nuke framework is perfect for making an extensive variety of commercial portal applications that permits managers to work effectively with add-ons, third party assemblies, and custom tools. The dot net nuke technology is basically planned to simplify the work of administrators, content editors, developers, and designers.


DotNetNuke (DNN) is one of the most adaptable Content Management Systems (CMS) for ASP.NET that offers a complete structure to be expanded with several of adaptable DNN modules. The modules for DNN can be used to perform numerous roles, from automated user forms or samples on the web page to provide an online e-commerce shop where visitors can buy your products. Many other modules allow for picture gallery customization and even adding blog or community portal sorts.


DNN has all the abilities to make an accurately complete CMS backend for your website. As with any website using a CMS, the need to have static HTML pages can be implemented into custom definitions for the site template. Besides, all of the content for your website is deposited inside a database for stress-free backups.


DotNetNuke originated from the IBuySpy project created by Microsoft. The principal focus of that project was to deliver a web complete portal with a shop. DotNetNuke and .NET designers have extra developed the expansibility of DNN to empower multiple portal control from one instance, besides with a growing collection of modules.

Desss offers affordable DotNetNuke development services to its clients the world over. DotNetNuke (DNN) has a large share of the market served as a web content management system (CMS). Its dominant features allow DotNetNuke programmers develop mature enterprise websites, by concentrating on the principal necessities of the project. DNN has become famous platform because its ability to serve the corporations of small and large size and offers them with a complete package of dynamic and interactive websites.


  • License
  • Unrestricted Open Source BSD license
  • FREE use in a non-commercial and commercial environment
  • Extensibility
  • Modular architecture enables hundreds of third-party plug-in Modules
  • A designer-friendly Skinning engine for total site customization
  • Multiple database support through Providers
  • More than 70 Language Packs to support International users
  • The fully dynamic website permits for an unlimited number of Page
  • Users can simply log and manage errors internally, as the system is quite manageable in an easy manner.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • DotNetNuke customization (DNN Customization Services)
  • Secure your Content using advanced Roles and Permissions
  • Authorized users can format content, insert links and images, change font colors and alignments
  • DotNetNuke Skin Designing (DNN Skin Design Services)
  • Due to DotNetNuke’s on page administration, nearly all tasks need to be done page by page and worse module by module.
  • Automatic website submission to various search engines
  • Low maintenance
  • The administrator can create users and set roles and rights for them.
  • Uniform Administration.
  • DotNetNuke is made up of a collection of modules each with their own ideas on how to do administration.
  • Administrators can directly upload the files right from their machines with all of ease and trustworthiness.
  • Secured login facility
  • Advanced Content Management enabled via a standard Web Browser
  • Adding new pages is quite easy for the administrators, whereas the current skin helps to customize the appearance of existing pages.
  • Pages can contain an unlimited number of Content regions and Content types
  • Authorized persons/roles can create, edit, and publish web pages and add a title, description of the page
  • DNN is easy for your employees to make changes and keep the site secure.  New modules can be added such as video, photo galleries, testimonials, and FAQs.

DESSS offers expert DotNetNuke (DNN) Consulting services and professional DotNetNuke Development services that include DNN Modules Development, Dot Net Nuke skins development, Portals development, Content Management System (CMS) Development, etc. Our expert team of DNN Developers specializing in DotNetNuke outsourcing.  DESSS has domain expertise and has developed several DotNetNuke custom modules, DNN modules, DNN Skins, DNN CMS for each client necessities. We have also developed DotNetNuke Portals development, DNN Website Design & Development, DNN CMS for DotNetNuke platform. We also can help you switch your pre-designed web templates into DotNetNuke.

At DESSS, we deploy customized DNN development services for enterprise level businesses.


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