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SEO Blog

In this blog let us first discuss what SEO is and then find out why it is important for a businessperson and his website.

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation of the term Search Engine Optimization; This is a process by which we plan, construct, design web pages and then analyze them, so as to bring them to the top of the search engine updates. Many times, it so happens that your website is live on the website, but no one notices it. This is very frustrating. An effective SEO brings global recognition to your website through keyword rich Contents, tags and blogs. SEO Services would make your web pages more informative, more attractive and more relevant by adding specified keywords and contents so that they are identified by the crawling and indexing software of the Search Engines. Let us now discuss how exactly search Engine ranks pages. The Search Engines make use of programs like spiders, crawlers and robots that analyzes and index the links of the WebPages and add them to the database of the search Engine. These search engines periodically do this analysis and add details to the database. As far as indexing is concerned, the different strategies are followed by them and are regularly changed and fine tuned. Care should be taken that the pages are keyword rich to improve traffic to your website.

Shall we discuss the rules of how to bring traffic to your website?

  • 1st Rule - Carefully select Keywords: This is an important strategy to keep your website on the top of Search Engine Rankings. Choose keywords that are customer oriented.
  • 2nd Rule - Incorporate the selected keywords into contents: This strategy would make it easy for the crawlers and spiders to identify the keywords and analyze them and later index them. Care should be taken that the contents are informative and relevant.
  • 3rd Rule - Integrate keywords with Meta title and Meta description. This strategy is vital to help the crawlers search your site. Meta Tag is just a line, and Meta description is just 2 or 3 lines. So make them keyword rich. You should use high relevant keywords or companys home.
  • 4th Rule - Form user-friendly URLs: See to it that your website is easily navigable and not crowded or cluttered. If they are crowded, then it becomes difficult for search spiders to read them and index them.
  • 5th Rule - Quality links to your website increases traffic. Inbound links can be got through blogs, articles, forums and directories by linking your companys website to them. These inbound links are vital to improving rankings.

Incorporate all these SEO Strategies and make your website rank high on Search Engine updates and increase traffic to your website. These visitors would become your future customers.

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