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Learn the Insights and Features of Prophet 21!

Prophet 21 is a business management software designed by Microsoft Azure, for distributors. It improves the efficiency of distribution processes and helps to overcome existing challenges in the distribution industry. Prophet 21 consulting Houston helps adapt to the needs of your business without making massive changes. It is available for SaaS and on-premise installation.

Prophet 21 is a multi-functional application that includes CRM sales order management, inventory management, e-commerce, products management, as well as wireless management of warehouses.

Other functions include manufacturing management, financial management and management of production, rental VMI, service maintenance, management information, and analytics as well as the management of enterprise-wide content. This blog presents the insights and benefits of prophet 21.

What are the Key Features of Prophet 21?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has a wide range of tools to help manage and enhance relationships with customers. Prophet 21 consulting Austin handles a variety of needs of the distribution industry.

Mobile sales systems as well as contact management, marketing management, opportunity and lead management can all be used for everyday tasks of CRM. The following are some of the key features of prophet 21.

  • Finance and Accounting: Prophet 21 software comes with various tools for accounting and financial management services. This allows users to produce reports in Microsoft Excel. Prophet 21 consulting Dallas offers a wide range of capabilities to meet the needs of your business.
  • Business Analytics: The Business Analytics feature includes an executive dashboard as well as an accounts receivable dashboard, and Sales rep's dashboard. Additionally, it has a customer buying trend analysis tool that anticipates future customer problems.
  • Supply Chain Management: Control the complete supply chain by using a wide array of SCM capabilities. Purchase management procurement, sourcing, inventory management, advanced material management, and warehouse management capabilities are all included.
  • Enterprise Content Management: The process of document imaging transforms documents to digital documents. Contact Management CRM module provides users with the latest technology in CRM for managing customer contacts. It keeps track of customers’ purchase patterns, prospects, and client information. Also, it displays the most important details all in one location for easy access.
  • Service and Maintenance: The service and Maintenance module includes tools to provide an outstanding customer experience. Service ordering, dispatching of service, preventative maintenance, and warranty functions improve the efficiency of the system.
  • Commerce Website Management: Prophet 21 application allows users to communicate with the application using text or voice commands.

Why Choose Prophet 21?

Here are some good reasons to choose prophet 21

  • Scalability and Configurability:

It adapts to the needs of businesses by using application program interfaces (API). This flexibility lets businesses enhance their functionality with specialized features and improve productivity by connecting their business processes to the vendors, partners and customers.

  • Flexible distribution

Users can set up the system on-premises or cloud-based and change the configuration later as their business expands.

  • Increase Sales

You can also bring in customers by adjusting to trends in buying and providing exceptional customer service. Mobile solutions also enable more sales since businesses can provide customer service from any location.

  • Help Increase Profits

Maximize profits by managing inventory and analytics, as well as pricing optimization.

  • Enhance Productivity

Create workflows, design mobile portals, and use Learning Management Systems. Personalization for users is also possible without the need to write the source code.

Prophet 21 is a software for wholesale distribution that assists companies in improving efficiency throughout the supply chain while improving overall business processes as well as customer support. The distribution industry benefits from the efficiency gained by Prophet 21 consulting San Antonio. Prophet 21 is a fantastic solution for companies in the distribution industry seeking to streamline and grow their businesses.

Prophet 21 Application Programming Interface (API) is an internet-based service tool that connects Prophet 21 to other applications and external websites.

What does Prophet 21 Do?

Prophet 21 includes all of the typical ERP modules, including Finances, Human Resources, Sales Management, and other specializations and features to assist with business processes.

Prophet 21 allows users to issue quotes and convert quotes into orders using a single display as well as enter orders remotely from mobile devices. It has features for managing finances, including a real-time feature that allows users to look back at the history of customers or product data. It also includes the business intelligence (BI) capabilities and permits a quicker auditing process.

Prophet 21 is browser-based, and can be used with iOS as well as Android devices. It allows warehouse personnel to share and track information about inventory movements, and provide actual-time inventory and warehouse data to all the stakeholders of the company.

What are the Benefits of Prophet 21?

An ERP system such as Prophet 21 is an efficient method for distribution companies to combine all of their databases to create a single management strategy for business. ERPs such as Prophet 21 also automate routine tasks, improve operations, and enhance information visibility to provide better business intelligence. The ultimate goal of any ERP deployment is to streamline processes across all business units and departments creating the foundation for sustainable growth.

Merging business operations in one system decreases the possibility of data errors, such as duplicates, as well as increases the visibility and efficiency across all departments and allows them to utilize the same data. Automation and integration of these processes can boost efficiency while decreasing the cost of time and labor. This allows employees to concentrate on their job or their customers instead of manual, tedious tasks.

Specially designed for the distributing industry, this software can be used in billing, costing, quality control, warehouse management, product design, sales and purchasing, document management, and much more. Secure your ERP and focus on your business with prophet 21 consulting Houston.

It’s multipurpose and can customize many fields and screens. One of the key features of this ERP investment is the ability to support business needs. Prophet 21 consulting Austin helps customers execute ERP in order to upgrade the business, support additional locations, and permit customer communications.