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At DESSS, a Joomla Consulting Company in Houston, we have been building business websites using Joomla CMS Customized Web Design and Development for many years and have been extremely successful at it. Joomla is an open source CMS that has many extensions and is backed by a large community of coders, developers, and others. This Content Management System(CMS) is preferred by many because it is user-friendly and versatile. DESSS has creative designers and developers for developing websites.

DESSS provides a digital marketing service including internet marketing, SEO, Social Media Optimization and full-service web development (specializing in the Joomla CMS, PHP programming, and MySQL) for businesses.DESSS website agency provides Joomla Consulting, Website Design, and Development, 24/7 Support Services, Web development, websites, website strategy, theme development, upgrading, maintenance Support. DESSS consultants are experts in the Joomla CMS. We know which extensions and component work well, and have a long lifespan. We advise you through the process of selecting the specific extensions and components for your website. We also, help our customers to installation and configuration and merge with branding for our clients. Our strategy will help them to maintain their company's branding.


We offer following services:
  • Installation and Setup
  • Extensions Development
  • Joomla Customization Services
  • Joomla Development Services
  • Joomla Template Design
  • custom design
  • Joomla Components
  • Joomla Integraton
  • Joomla Maintenance and support
  • Joomla speed optimizaiton
  • Joomla Backup and restore services.


We follow these processes:
  • Identifying your business requirements
  • Assessing your current initiatives
  • Work on a framework based on plans, goals, and concepts
  • Lay out a clear plan of module development
  • Implement, manage and maintain
Why should you choose DESSS, a Joomla Consulting Company?
  • Creative designers and developers
  • Vast experience and in-depth knowledge
  • Skilled team of Joomla professionals
  • Cost-effective, but quality conscious
  • Prompt delivery of projects

At DESSS, our expert Joomla consultants offer guidance on how to install and configure Joomla, how to sort template and extension issues, how to upgrade or migrate to a newer version, how to move the site to another hosting provider, how to sort all security related issues, how to restore the site. Moreover, also offer on-site and off-site training. If you are interested in our Joomla Consulting Services, call us @ (713) 589-6496