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DESSS has experienced e-commerce developers that support online merchants in providing comprehensive e-commerce development plans to fit your requirements

DESSS delivering website development and Internet marketing strategy with a focus on user experience.

A list of shopping carts integrated our payment gateways (includes both recommended and supported shopping carts). We are a leading provider of payment solutions for small business since 2000.

An eCommerce platform is a web page designed to update online sales. It is a digital store from which patrons can make purchases directly from your website. The classic eCommerce site offers a selection of products for customers to compare, as well as a payment entry where they can enter their credit card or other purchase information securely. eCommerce designs can be integrated with your broader website, permitting customers to learn about your history, staff, and expertise as they consider and buy your products. The better your software the more secure prospects will feel buying from you and the more reliably you can guarantee that they will receive their purchases and you will receive their money.

Is your BV Commerce cart struggling on a traditional hosting platform? DESSS is the ideal expandable, responsibility tolerant companies class hosting platform for BV Commerce. With our multiple expandable options, you won't have to move your site from host to host when it is successful or because it needs more resources. You can add resources to your BV Commerce deployment any time.

Their shopping cart software, we will help you through all steps of e-commerce progress including SEO, custom web design, newsletters, graphics, credit card setup, and more.

BVCommerce allows you to build dynamic catalog pages intuitively and easy. BV Commerce storefront software was one of the first e-commerce software packages to allow search engine friendly URLs.

BV Commerce has been adapted to the specific e-commerce needs of a wide range of industries. It’s packed with new features to accommodate most wholesalers.

Some Features:

  • developed a one-step process to easily update your BVC orders with the tracking numbers from exported UPS tracking file
  • Connect the Mail Order Manager to BVC using a configurable, simple to install, strong, and feature packed plug-in.
  • Invite your customers to pay online! This seamless integrated BVC plug-in will help make it instant and simply.
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment
  • Give our high-speed hosting service a try completely risk-free.

The first version of BV Commerce was released as a licensed product in February of 2002, just after Microsoft released .NET 1.0., and just in time to become the first commercial .NET shopping cart software. The hosted version of BV Commerce was launched in 2009.

The base store includes product catalog, inventory management, credit card processing, shipping calculator, coupon codes and sales, SEO opportunities all built for receptive web design. Out of the base store, there are available plenty customizations to adapt to your business’ different requirements.

. BV Commerce was planned to cleverly handle uncertain circumstances. Automatically recover shopping carts if a customer accidentally closes their browser. Accept orders even if your credit card gateway is unavailable or your real-time shipping provider is experiencing a slowdown. If you can check your email you are able to run a store using BV Commerce.

The licensed package has excellent pliability created in a very modular mode, making it easy for designers to customize the platform for their clients. Both the licensed and hosted packages also accentuate convenience for non-technical suppliers. There are also some great features to the admin portion of the software to help merchants speedily sort items. If you can check your email you are able to run a store using BV Commerce.

Our company supports online merchants in providing them with a complete proposal that includes all the periods of developing an online shop, in at all domain it may be included. Our e-commerce development plans are made to fit the necessities of every customer who would like to start, upgrade, or take its current store to the next level of online commercial movement. A complete e-commerce development project embraces several steps that an online store should go finished in order to achieve its acceptance goal and the targeting of leads.


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