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Master Data Management (MDM) Consulting Services Company


In business, master data management (MDM) comprises the processes, governance, policies, standards, and tools that consistently define and manage the critical data of an organization to provide a single point of reference.


DESSS will help you with Master Data Management consulting by:

Identifying the critical master data, Check how data is organized and stored, Ownership of data, Data Model, Identifying governance, Quality control, Go Live

Mastered data has two types:

  • Reference data – the business objects for transactions, and the dimensions for analysis
  • Analytical data – supports decision making

DESSS used Master Data Management (MDM) tool for:

Removing duplicates, Standardizing data, Eliminate incorrect data


The below are best master data examples:

Products, Accounts, Parties

The redundancy of party and account information is compounded in the front-to-back office life cycle, where the single authoritative source for the party, account, and product data is needed but is often once again redundantly entered or augmented.

Our goal using Master data management processes for the below to ensure Consistency and Control applications runs smoothly:

Collecting, Aggregating, Matching, Consolidating, Quality-assuring, Persisting, Distributing

DESSS's Master Data Management Consulting supports includes the below tools:

  • IBM
    • InfoSphere MDM Server
    • Initiate Master Data Service
  • Oracle
    • Customer, Product, Supplier, and Site Hubs
    • Data Relationship Management

Informatica MDM, SAP NetWeaver MDM, D&B Purisma, TIBCO MDM, Black Watch Data, Talend MDM, DELL Boomi, TIBCO MDM, SAS MDM, Tableau


What Is Master Data?

Lists of data that are used by several of the applications to standardize data and distribute it among the system and organization. ERP/CRM system as a minimum will have a Customer Master, an Item Master, and an Account Master. This master data is often one of the key assets of a company.


There are essentially below types of data in Organizations:  

Mail, White paper, Magazine articles, Corporate intranet portals, Product Specifications, Marketing collateral, PDF files

Sales, Deliveries, Invoices, Trouble tickets, Claims

Contract, Warranty, Licenses

Office locations, Geographic divisions

XML documents, Report definitions, Column descriptions in a database, Log files, Connections, Configuration files.

Company organizational structures, Product lines

Customer, Employee, Salesperson.

Product, Part, Store, Asset

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