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Data Entry Consulting Company in Houston | Austin | Dallas | San Antonio | Atlanta

DESSS provides exclusive, efficient, and highly accurate data entry services. We provide data entry services for all kinds of texts, printed matter/documents, manuscripts, scanned images, and web research.

We offer the following services:

  • Online and offline data entry.
  • From books and papers.
  • Business transcription data entry.
  • From image file.
  • Data entry from any hardcopy.
  • Data entry into software programs and applications.
  • Patients record entry.
  • Medical reports.
  • Manuscript typing.
  • Data entry of insurance claims.
  • Data conversion.


The benefits of data entry:

  • Improve the productivity of business.
  • Saves money and time.
  • By outsourcing data entry, you can improve the cost effectiveness and quality of the data.


Why should you choose DESSS?

  • Our data entry is 99.9 % accurate.
  • We deliver the projects quickly and right on time.
  • We have vast experience in this field.
  • We use cost effective methods.

If you are in need of data entry services, please contact us @ (713)589-6496.