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DESSS is the Leading Application Development Service Company in Houston. What exactly helps you survive and thrive in this ever-changing and fast-evolving world of technology? It’s the right combination of in-depth technical knowledge, innovative strategies, and value-added services that will take all the industrial endeavors to a great height.


In fact, in today’s competitive business world, every company relies on robust and agile web applications to run their businesses, attract new customers, automate their processes, and sell products & services. At DESSS, we develop robust applications that will help you face the most challenging IT problems.

Process We Follow

  • We find out what your requirements are. Nobody ever understands your business better than you. We spend valuable time understanding your business, market positioning, and your competitors.
  • We layout an initial plan to design and develop applications that are intuitive, user-friendly, and serve the purpose intended.
  • Once the code is written and the applications are developed, our expert testing team thoroughly tests the code to ensure whether the application works properly.
  • Finally, the application is launched!



  • We can work with you to identify your business goals.
  • We can help you by providing consulting, integration, and management services that will help you improve business efficiency, business flexibility, and achieve enhanced ROI.



  • Our Enterprise Applications can help you in all the business initiatives through ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), supply chain management, CRM, and Human Capital Management.
  • Our Web Applications can be run on any platform since they are totally compatible.
  • We can handle any project on Mobile Application development.

If you are in need of our Applications Development services, please call us @ (713) 589-6496.


Application Development Company

We follow two different ways of development

  • Design and develop the full application project to serve your business requirements. In this approach, we are fully responsible for design, development, implementation, testing, and integration.
  • We work in collaboration with your IT professionals to guide them through analyzing and developing services.

We offer the following Application Development Services

  • Web Application Development
  • Windows Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Enterprise Application Development