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SAP HANA Consulting Company 

SAP HANA, the short form of ‘High-Performance Analytic Appliance’ is an application that's used in-memory database technology and can process massive real-time data in a short time and can process data stored in RAM, as opposed to reading them from the disk. This enables the application to process voluminous data in a short time and provide immediate results from customers’ transactions and data analysis. HANA supports the optimization of the telecommunication network, supply chain management, forecasting profitability, and fraud detection.

The SAP HANA application makes it possible to instantly access and analyze analytical data and use the result to plan and forecast futuristic processes that will reduce TCO. This application makes it possible to analyze vast quantities of data at a great speed and the computed memory will transform them into readable content for the customers.

At DESSS, one of the leading SAP HANA Consulting Companies, we help you to take faster and better business decisions using SAP HANA. Our SAP HANA consultants can offer innovative solutions that are the latest in BI technology. By choosing to build on HANA architecture, you are adopting the next generation's critical application that can analyze massive amounts of data to improve responsiveness.



At DESSS, our expert SAP HANA Consultants can help you by:

  • Using real-time analytics to enable you to make faster and more effective business decisions

  • Create innovative next-generation applications

  • Enhance business efficiency

  • Reduce TCO


We offer the following services:

  • Keeping your business needs in mind to identify the best SAP HANA solutions

  • Provide expert guidance on application purchases that suits your IT landscape

  • Provide Application Management services

  • Provide Project Management services

  • Install and configure SAP HANA

  • Provide data extraction and loading of SAP HANA

  • Data modeling services

  • Integration of SAP HANA with your source system

  • Implementation of reporting capabilities

  • Implementation of Migration services

  • Upgradation of HANA applications

  • Provide application monitoring, maintenance, and support

  • Provide training to the team that includes SAP HANA administration

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