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Social Media Consulting effectively combines tech savvy public relations and communication technology to give an excellent online marketing plan to your organization, so that your business gets the largest and the most effective online presence. Social media websites have left a great impact on people. Words like Tweets, Buzz, followed, followers, likes, post, share, circles, and groups have taken a place in a common person’s vocabulary. At DESSS, a Social Media Optimization Company, we offer services to connect you with the targeted audience who care and increase brand visibility of your business.



We can help you in the following ways:

  • For Facebook we can provide fan age creation, cover image and profile creation, integration with website, post blog links, respond to comments and replies, analytics report, PPC management, contests, polls and other viral campaigns.

  • For Google + we can provide Google plus page creation, implement plus one button, create followers, form specific circles or community , information sharing, getting Google authorship and analysis.

  • For Twitter we can create a Twitter page with the user profile, generate a strong ‘follower’ base, ‘following’ other reputable members or customers, posting blog links, entering appropriate Tweets to engage readers and management of followers.

  • For LinkedIn we can create clients profile along with the profile summary, enter relevant contents, form part of a specific community, share relevant contents, network with the key professionals and provide the brand recognition.

  • For YouTube we can create channel and profile, upload and manage videos, optimize titles and descriptions, post relevant videos, create a strategic plan to generate subscriptions, views and comments.

The advantages of our word SEO consulting services:

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Website gets increased Internet presence

  • Drives quality traffic to your website

  • Helps to get high SERP rankings

  • Increases business efficiency resulting in high ROI

  • Helps you with online reputation management

At DESSS, one of the leading Social Media Optimization Companies, we believe that Social Media Marketing is a great way to tell the world your branding story and thus increase credibility. In today’s competitive world, it is very important to be customer centric. Through these social media websites, you can share your story, build a strong community, and enhance business credibility. You may have a great website but what makes all the difference is integration with social media websites.

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