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Our videos make a difference

We create quality videos that tell a story. Be it a product for an enterprising tech company or an adventure-filled vacation experience for a travel organization, we’ve got it covered.

Create a new path forward, through integrated visual communications and crisp video messaging. Reach out to and engage with your audience and make a difference. We at Desss believe that every company can become a well-established brand in their industry and help move the world ahead.

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Quality Videos Can Increase Your Revenue

We do not just take up projects for our clients; we want to partner with you in your brand building journey. We take the time and effort to deep dive into the research to better understand you as a brand and learn how you want your viewers to perceive you.

Once we get all the data we need, we sit down with you and chalk out the best plan of action through the right visuals and messaging to create exceptional video content for branding and marketing purposes. Be it for the brand, a product or service.

Our Goal is to Ensure Your Success

We make Product Videos that weave a story that describes a defining turning point for users. Products that are meant to make a difference, need a storytelling arc that inspires confidence and curiosity in viewers. We ensure your product gets the attention and care it deserves.

We create interesting Brand Videos that aim to share the journey that the organization has been through. An artistic rendition of a corporate vision that dictates its sole mission. We shine the spotlight on your organization and the pillars so that the world learns of your brand story.

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Video Collateral to  Impress

Videos are prime properties for effective marketing. We know that marketing teams face crunch times and increased demand for collateral that can inspire and generate tremendous interest in clients. Building up a highly-skilled video team can be daunting, as it involves much investment in terms of resources and manpower.

We at Desss can provide you with the equipment, manpower, and the talent required to produce world-class video content and video planning strategy for your business’ marketing needs. We work closely with your marketing team to create excellent collateral that drives results.

We turn your vision into a visual message that your audience will love and share within their network. Making bite-sized, informative and easily shareable content is key to grabbing the mind share of your viewers and staying ahead of the curve.

Let’s remove the confusion about what kind of video you need. Call us and let us understand your unique requirement and help you distill the right type of video for your needs.
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There are quite a few varieties of videos out there, each unique to its own strengths

Brand Videos tell the entire story behind an organization. It is a simple truth and nothing beyond. It connects the dots between who you are and what you do to help solve a particular problem. These videos need to be interesting and clean in their messaging.

Social Media Ad Videos are clips that are custom made for each social platform that you are targeting. They are also created for both organic as well as paid promotions to arrive at specific goals.

Testimonial Videos are for when you want to convey a powerful social validation statement. Clients like to see when the same issue they face has been solved quite effectively for someone else, generating a level of trust that they can also go forward with the same service.

More formats we work with

Educational Videos | Thought Leadership Videos | Animated Explainer Videos | B2B and B2C Videos | Animated Course Videos | Case Study Videos | E-Learning Videos | 3D Explainers | Trade Show Videos | Internal Branding Videos | Live Action Videos | And more…

We are here to bring your ideas to life.
Got questions? So do we! We want to get to know you better as you know us. Don’t be shy.
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