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As the market impacts the way we do business, the way companies spend on IT is also varying. With developing applications on the cloud, the quantity of mobility, and the convergence of computing, businesses across industries are looking for custom application development solutions to support their business desires.


DESSS assistances enterprises in successfully administering their application selection over adaptable results. We offer our customers' arrangement techniques and companies’ best performances to generate excellent effects in the business and effective IT solutions. We have tons of experience helping at the top of minds, by developing strong applications that are manageable, safe, and easily sustainable.

The idea of fast application development accentuates the fast and iterative release of models and applications. In Nowadays, more competitive market, immediate application development permits business and IT teams to successfully work together and create new applications sooner, even if altering business practices, distinguishing inside the market, or increasing costs.


Business necessities for new applications are growing, but the capability to dispense them is an issue. Agile application development is becoming more and more a demand.


Fast application development tools arrange speed and cleverly so that IT teams can grow their productivity and progress project results. Rather than the typical U-turn of months or years for new applications, quick application development allows IT teams to bring in weeks or even days.

Besides the plus of speed, a rapid application development model has other several benefits such as secure, accessible, and manageable mobility.

What’s the toughest part of going mobile: App development or data collection? Don't you have the answer? Don't worry! You're not alone. While we constantly work with businesses that want to go mobile, it’s uncommon for us to find anyone with an answer for both.

We have the tactical experience to help you go mobile: From Android to iOS and beyond, through mobile strategy, design, architecture, and development.

In Desss we know how a reactive application works and demonstrate to you where the various technologies you'll use fit into the system. You'll also pick up techniques for testing reactive applications, refactoring existing systems, and designing RESTful APIs.

With DESSS application development organizations can simply manage, develop, and maintain cross-enterprise applications using various sides, and diverse tools, on several platforms to increase team productivity, application quality, and consistency.

Is your application portfolio optimized to deliver real business value? At DESSS, we constantly improve and transform our customer's applications to ensure they are optimized for today and adaptable to the business requirements in the future. We understand that business applications must be installed or upgraded quickly, securely, efficiently, and at the lowest possible cost. We also know the need to better control and reduce expenses in running application portfolios.

At DESSS we offer:

  • An Emphasis on Results - We provide clients with solutions that bring real value. We offer a variety of services from the development of initial application requirements to the global management of the entire application portfolio. Throughout the project development, our attention is on the organization and providing measurable results.
  • Domain Knowledge: Clients benefit from our deep industry domain knowledge and technical know-how to deliver remarkable results. DESSS is developed to decrease prices and growth predictability and agility.
  • Risk reduction: The skill to create and share working prototypes gives the business to review functionality earlier in the application lifecycle, helping to evade rework that could ruin the entire project.
  • Investment in Solutions: Our continuous investment in original solutions guarantees that our clients benefit from the newest accelerators, procedures, and commitment models customized to meet their changing needs. | Increased quality: Incorporating better prototype and functionality testing during the project life cycle also increases software quality, as requirements can be corroborated and refined based on user response.
  • Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad.
  • Faster time to market: Making apps faster indicates that the business can benefit from their availability earlier, whereas new performance remains to be released.
  • Mobile Languages: Objective C, Android SDK, Jquery Mobile.
  • Our solution factories for SharePoint and applications reduce the price and risk of migration through an automated and automated method.
  • Cross-Industry: We have familiarity developing for, financial, medical, technology, oil, and software companies.  Enterprise policies are based on the minimum acceptable levels of risk for applications according to their business criticality.

We are here to help our customers renovate their application portfolio & go faster with cloud adoption thru the enterprise. Control the latest innovations in cloud, mobility, and digital to understand dramatic improvements in operational performance and create a diverse business advantage

Our Custom Application Development services are sustained by profound industry know-how, supporting both new and legacy platforms. Mainframe and midrange services

Our Mainframe & Midrange services have been created based on our extensive knowledge of customers’ business processes, architecture, and the immense ecosystem in which businesses work. We offer Mainframe application decommissioning, application development, consulting, modernization, product engineering, implementation, and testing.

DESSS Application Development unit has created top-quality apps for all kinds of targets. Young and old, single and team, corporations and entrepreneurs. We are created in recent years entertainment apps, travel apps, gaming apps, healthcare apps, weather watch apps, photo apps, and several communication apps.

Effective application development is the secret to thriving in today’s digital environment. Experience the benefits of adapted applications based on Microsoft .NET and collaborative applications based on Microsoft SharePoint.

We offer drive productivity through gorgeous and useful design joints with effective back-end integration.

Respond to market needs speedily with profound, specialized Microsoft application development know-how combined with established assets, active processes, and distribution experience.

Renovate your business with pioneering applications that escalate traditional devices and IT boundaries to discover new value.

We can take your applications to the cloud: we deliver application solutions into the Enterprise Cloud underpinned by DESSS our secure, reliable, high-performance cloud computing service. Get a quote now.