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Rackspace Cloud Consulting Company

Rackspace host and manage all the leading cloud technologies. Rackspace Cloud is a group of cloud computing services for building, hosting and managing cloud-based organizations. Rackspace’s "Cloud Servers" infrastructure service allows consumers to directly ramp up or scale down many virtual servers as needed, providing elastic cloud-based infrastructures with high levels of accessibility. This service includes a Cloud Servers API that lets operators build, configure, and manage VMs. Meanwhile, Rackspace’s "Cloud Sites" PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) allows application developers to build out intricate applications without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure and provides them with the computer, storage, and bandwidth resources, unrestricted databases and sites, and reseller abilities for client billing and technical support. Rackspace Cloud offers additional services and tools designed to manage cloud security, build APIs, and create databases and other infrastructure components. Rackspace bills consumers on a utility computing base.


Rackspace Cloud Control comprises three major elements: auto-installer, server monitor, and configuration panel. The first automates and shortens the creation and configuration of ready products. The second one lets you monitor the status and allow your Rackspace servers to your clients. In the configuration panel, you can adapt the module and change it to your needs and the necessities of your clients.


Some Features and interesting facts about Rackspace


  • Cloud Sites: this is a PaaS offering, giving access to a hustled infrastructure setup.
  • Rackspace Performance Cloud Server with high-performance, RAID 10-protected SSD storage, redundant 10Gb networking, Intel® Xeon® E5-2670 extreme processors, ECC memory, and redundant power.
  • Increase the PHP memory limit.
  • With a range of load balancers, app servers, cache servers, and database Server templates, RightScale offers you the reference architectures to increase and run fast with Rackspace Cloud management.
  • Offsite backups with 2-week retention for weekly full and daily differential images.
  • Real-Time Business Metrics; CloudBerry Explorer; Integrated With Advanced Billing For WHMCS - Server Resource Usage Billing.
  • Comparable to EC2. This is the brand name for a combined cloud service for server computing solutions.
  • Daily malware and anti-virus scanning.
  • Distributed call graphs; CloudBerry Backup; It offers the following generic-sounding services; Proactive remote monitoring and automatic alerts.
  • The joint name for applications and services to run on Cloud Servers.
  • You can create a cohesive hybrid cloud environment across Rackspace Cloud, Rackspace Managed, OpenStack, vSphere environments, and other public clouds. Supports Next Generation of Cloud Servers Based On OpenStack API
  • Unlimited incoming data transfer and 100GB outbound transfer.
  • Rackspace Cloud was born in 2006 and has 7 large data centers throughout the world.
  • The profit of the company in Q1 2013 was about $27 million
  • The App Dynamics Rackspace Cloud Connector Extension offers the capacity to monitor and manage your critical cloud-based applications, guarantee application performance pre and post-cloud migration, and take full advantage of cloud resistance with automatic scaling.


  • Obsessive focus on customer service.
  • Better for mid-sized organizations.
  • More stable than AWS; fewer service outages.


  • More expensive than AWS.
  • Smaller than AWS offers a smaller range of global data centers.
  • Much fewer developers on board.

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