Oracle DBA( DataBase Administration) Consulting

Oracle DBA Database Administration Consulting Company

Many enterprises choose Oracle DBA for its reliability, grid architecture, and efficient clustering technology. Every new version of Oracle offers additional features of security management and automated management. All the new features are added based on user demand and enterprise requirements. At DESSS, an Oracle DBA Consulting Company, we offer a complete range of Oracle DBA services from cost-saving processes to customized Oracle Database services to suit your requirements.


We have trained DBA Consultants who can provide excellent services in planning, implementation, and support in your Oracle DBA projects. Our expert Oracle DBA Consultants have over ten years of experience, and they know the trick of the trade. They will work 24/7 to effectively manage your database with the help of strategic initiatives and efficient management.

Oracle DBA consulting


  • Remote database support: This includes shared DBA support and dedicated DBA support.

  • Data and database migration or up-gradation: We can help you in moving data from one version to another or migrate between different systems. We can also assist you in moving one database to another, one application to a different application, or moving the database to a new set of hardware.

  • upgradation: We can help you upgrade to Oracle 11g which will reduce downtime and is cost-effective. This offers features like box automation and online maintenance controls and gives efficient storage capabilities and improved performance. Even if you are in Oracle 10g, or Oracle 9i, we can help you upgrade to Oracle 11g.

  • DBA Staffing and Training: We provide DBA staffing and training services after diagnosing and identifying the specific needs of the enterprise. We can provide full-time or part-time DBAs. We can provide onsite full-time or part-time DBAs. We can provide onsite training to your staff so that the enterprises’ data can manage efficiently.


  • Oracle Database up-gradation to 11.i

  • Up-gradation from 8i to 11gR2

  • Oracle Data storage server software

  • OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition

  • RAC (Real Application Cluster)

  • Oracle SR Management

  • Oracle Disaster Recovery

  • Oracle Performance Tuning

  • Oracle Custom Scripts

  • Very large database


  • Expert Oracle Application Database Consultants.

  • Customized services.

  • Cost-effective execution models.

  • Flexible Options

  • 24/7 customer care

  • Complete project life cycles management and support

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