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Hadoop Consulting Company

Apache Hadoop, an open-source software framework, helps enterprises manage big data effectively. By designing comprehensive data architecture for enterprises, our Expert Hadoop Consultants offer excellent services that help enterprises incorporate big data into the existing environment and increase business efficiency. At DESSS, a Hadoop Consulting Company in Houston, we help enterprises gain, organize, and analyze big data. We also strengthen business strategies so they will improve business efficiency and take better business decisions. We can help enterprises of all sizes to build data processing and analytical strategies and solutions that will help them raise revenue and cut costs.


We offer the following Hadoop Consulting services:

  • Roadmap: Our expert Hadoop Consultants will perform a site visit, do a complete analysis of your requirements, provide complete guidance, and help you all the way to the end implementations. We can help you form an effective roadmap so you can reap the maximum benefits.

  • Deployment: We can configure, install, run your Hadoop application, and customize and optimize it so it becomes easier for you to achieve your business goals. You may use various versions but we have the experience to guide you so you can face the unique challenges of the business.

  • Health Check: Our experts ensure that your Hadoop works best for you, and we ensure optimal performance. We provide services to certify and fine-tune your existing Hadoop or completely analyze your entire Hadoop application deployment.

  • Support: We provide on-site support so your staff is well-trained in handling short- or long-term projects.

Our strengths:

  • Our Hadoop Consultants provide on-site visits and complete analysis and implementation.

  • Our Hadoop Developers enhance storage and improve processing strategies.

  • Our Hadoop Programmers have successfully deployed Hadoop and solved a wide range of technical problems.

  • Our Hadoop Consultants can offer on-site training to your staff so it empowers them to face the challenges of big data.


  • Map Reduce

  • HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)

  • Pig

  • Hive

  • H Base

  • Zookeeper


  • Cost-effective

  • Fast

  • Economical way of storing data

  • Highly flexible and scalable


  • We create a Hadoop framework.

  • Create business tools using Hadoop and Hive as interfaces

  • Data Mining and analysis

  • Search, extract and analyze data

  • Analyzing the existing DW maturity level

  • Recommendation based on a complete analysis

  • Form a clear road map for Hadoop development

  • Consulting services

  • Continuous support and training

If you are interested in adopting our Hadoop Consulting Services for storing "big" data, call us @ (713) 589-6496 or Contact us