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If you are in need of practical and profound insight into your business, you want to analyze the data that you have received from various resources so that you can understand what will drive the success and growth of your company, then come to DESSS, one of the Professional Actuate Consulting and Reporting company.

What is Actuate reporting?
Expanded reporting functionality has been provided by integrating advanced reporting capabilities with Zend platform by Actuate Reporting. With an effective combination of Actuate reporting and Java Bridge, it has become easy to extract reports from Java libraries and generate useful reports based on any information, and especially used by enterprises that deliver critical business information in the form of web pages that are seamlessly integrated, highly interactive and richly formatted. Actuate and Reporting can integrate with the existing technology infrastructure



Some of the unique features of Actuate Reporting are:

  • The reports that have the high resolution can easily be viewed by users, without the requirement of any plug-ins and Java downloads.

  • E reports can easily be developed by developers that can access any data source, make any calculation, compose any format and offer easy integration with any website.

  • The reports can be generated and viewed immediately.

  • Personalized reports can be created.

  • Offers easy integration with the existing infrastructure.

  • Allows any report to be written in other languages or any tool to be accessed and managed.

  • Customized web portals can be created for the users who can view them and download reports.

  • Generation of scheduled reports become comfortable.

  • J2EE applications and reporting become accessible.

We offer the following Actuate Reporting and Consulting services:

  • The report development

  • Applications support and maintenance.

  • Performance tuning.

  • Security integration.

  • Up gradation.

  • Migration.

  • Audits.

  • E Report design development and testing.

  • I server customizations.

  • I server architecture planning.

  • I server cleanup.

  • Actuate implementation.

At DESSS our Actuate Consultants have been working with Actuate products for more than 10 years. We are global service providers who also provide innovative dashboard solutions for Actuate. Our Actuate dashboard solutions empower customers to meet their organizational BI needs. The dashboards and scorecards thus created leverage the effectiveness of Actuate platforms. If you are in need of Actuate Consulting services, call us @ (713)589-6496. Reach us now.