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Customer Relationship Management Consulting Company

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) deals with all kinds of interactions with customers. This is a business strategy that helps businessmen/businesswomen understand customers, provide enriched services to retain existing customers, win new projects to lure new customers, and increase business ROI. At DESSS, we provide CRM solutions to help you provide services to customers according to their needs, provide better customer services, get more deals and contracts, attract new customers, retain old customers, and fully understand who your future customers are.



We offer the following CRM solutions:

  • We automate all business processes so that you can spend more time on your core business.

  • We provide services to connect you with your customers.

  • We help you get connected to your customers on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, so you can remain in constant touch with your existing customers.

  • We help you know the pulse of your customer since there may be inactive visitors. Through customized CRM solutions, we will help you lure them to become your customers.

  • We provide apt CRM solutions to help you get a detailed report of your customers, so you can provide customized service.

  • You can even publish web forms that will help you capture information, communicate with customers, conduct surveys, respond to their queries, and clarify all doubts.

  • We help you integrate CRM with other business applications to improve efficiency and enhance ROI.

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