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DESSS offers excellent network consulting services to optimize your network. We have a team of Experts who have a vast expertise in WAN/LAN design, network security and IP communications. We offer one-time consulting services to find network solutions. We offer complete support to all IT staff, and we also provide customized network solutions to take your business to the next level.

We offer the following network consultation services:

  • We develop network solutions, keeping in mind the long-term objectives and goals.
  • We offer total support for the server environment. We provide hardware support and remote system administration so as to minimize staff.
  • We help you with any platform migration.
  • We interact with 3rd party software vendor to find out if server hardware is compatible enough for any up gradation and revisions of applications.
  • We also offer network security services from desktop to global enterprise. We have expertise in firewalls, virtual private networks, data protection and remote access.
  • We offer consulting services in Bandwidth Management, Intranet planning, server Networking.etc

If you are in need of our network consulting services, please contact us at (713)589-6496

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