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Blockchain is a digital ledger that offers a safe way of making and recording transactions, agreements, and contracts –whatever demands to be registered and verified as having taken place. Blockchain runs on specialized computer software that works behind the scenes, automatically distributing information to the database as new transactions are made. Most individual users will not see a blockchain performing and this immediate nature means it is tiny to no space-time for someone to change a transaction before it is documented on the ledger.



Blockchain consulting Company

Information retained on a blockchain occurs as a shared and recurrently adjusted—collection of data. This is a process of applying the network that has clear assets. The blockchain database is not saved in just one place, which means the records it keeps are truly public and freely confirmable. No consolidated version of this information exists for a hacker to corrupt. Hosted by millions of computers in unison, its data is accessible to everyone on the internet. While the most popular use of blockchain is in the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, the truth is that blockchain has many applications and can be used for any exchange, agreements/contracts, tracking, and, of course, payment. Since each proceeding is recorded on a block and through several reproductions of the ledger that are distributed over many computers, it is extremely transparent. It’s also extremely safe since every block links to the one before it and after it.

Blockchain consulting Company

There is not one dominant authority over the blockchain, and it’s extremely effective and scalable. Eventually, blockchain can maximize the competence and transparency of supply chains and definitely impact everything from warehousing to delivery to payment. Chain of command is essential for many things, and blockchain has the chain of command built in. The actual things that are required for reliability and integrity in a supply chain are provided by a blockchain. Blockchain delivers agreement—there is no dispute in the chain regarding transactions because all organism on the chain has the same version of the ledger. Everyone on the blockchain can see the chain of ownership for a benefit on the blockchain. Records on the blockchain cannot be deleted which is crucial for a trusted supply chain.


The DESSS team with more than a decade of experience in business strategy and manufacturing brings a dominant profundity of industry and business knowledge.

Main features


All parties must give a consensus before a new transaction is added to the network


Eliminates or reduces paper processes


Speeding up transaction times


Increasing efficiencies

Single, shared, tamper-evident ledger — once recorded, transactions cannot be altered

  • All parties must give a consensus before a new transaction is added to the network

  • Eliminates or reduces paper processes, speeding up transaction times and increasing efficiencies.

In nowadays, supply chains are progressively interconnected, intricate, and global with many entities working in unity to source, adapt, and deliver products to customers.

Blockchain consulting Company

A strong supply chain can help corporations respond quickly and effectively to economic, technological, and market disruptions. What is more, helps them increase their competitive position. The main purpose of a resilient supply chain is to decrease the adverse effects of these interruptions on incomes, costs, and clients. The supply chain is an intricate combination of actions that are concentrated on cost-effectively distributing products, services, or both of them.

A supply chain is like walking. When it is not issued the process looks natural and easy, but when something is wrong, the whole body suffers, like the business when something is bad in the supply chain. We deliver enforced know-how and real solutions, support different organizations enhance methods to run down supply chain costs, increase the value of existing possessions, and change non-tangible assets into a benefit.

Blockchain consulting Company

DESSS consultants have managed supply chains of medium sizes and we use identical procedures are evaluating efficiency. Corporations require to be powerful at creating products, defining services, forecasting, obtaining resources, and distributing those products and services to their clients. And, they need to do it at a lower cost every year. Optimization is when all of the features are driving maximized incomes, the least possible working capital, and smaller lead periods. From business strategy and procedures to immediate application, we share experience and excellent performance to assist in the transformation of your business. Every one of our consultants has the industry abilities and knowledge to rapidly understand your requirements, customize solutions to appropriate your business goals, and bring quantifiable conclusions. Reach us now.