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Oracle ATG Web Commerce Consulting Company


Once Oracle ATG Web Commerce integration is live, it will offer visitor tracking, data capture, and the client-side page modification competencies required for. DESSS offers Oracle ATG Commerce implementation service to develop highly customized and approachable stores for online shops. Specialists in improvements across versions, delivering integrations with third-party applications and performance optimization methods. With Oracle ATG Commerce execution and support, we allow you to bring a custom-made online buying experience for each client by presenting pertinent content and supplying, adapted search, customized marketing programs, and personalized websites.
It is accessible, bendable, and has original component-based architecture, which allows organizations to distinguish the online buying experience. In addition, it permits customers to fully involve and help them find expected prodcomparearison shop, register for presents, pre-order products, exchange coupons, and benefit from many other useful skills. And after your eCommerce website is launched and works, we assist manage the Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform with 24/7 support, upgrading, security patch updates, performance optimization, scalability, fixing issues, and creating additional features. Our managed services also contain organic search development and content production.
The software has been customized to satisfy the needs of large companies, .still its modular style makes it applicable to medium establishment. Industries that have found the use of the software useful include automotive, oil, construction, consumer products, manufacturing, and education, among others.



  • Visitor tracking and data capture.

  • There is not any extra custom classification of your site. Any additional custom events and metrics are simply provisioned through our application interface.

  • Customer orders taken thru the website have to be manually re-entered into other back-office systems.

  • Once live, the integration will provide visitor tracking, data capture, and the client-side page modification abilities needed for running live adaptive customer experience optimization campaigns.

  • Accumulate accurate Profile Data through your registration system and securely store it in our cloud-based Customer Profile Storage system.

  • Internalization / Multi-site.

  • Customers and orders can be created in either Oracle ATG Web Commerce or Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and automatically tracked in both applications

  • Oracle ATG Web Commerce can recover inventory information directly from Oracle EBS

  • Product catalog and pricing information are synchronized between Oracle EBS and Oracle Commerce.

  • Elimination of manual data entry and possible data entry errors

  • Provide clients with stable inventory, pricing, and order data in both Oracle EBS and Oracle Commerce

  • Delivers elasticity and stoutness with a scalable architecture built on enterprise SOA standards

  • Accelerates implementation and reduces costs.

At DESSS, we bring together eCommerce strategy, user experience design, execution, improvement, and maintenance services providing our clients a unique partner of choice for inclusive and long-term eCommerce triumph. Get a quote here.