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Every organization looks to make analytics more efficient, using more data to drive deeper insights faster. It must empower your users to perform self-service analysis without compromising on governance. It must also be simple to manage. Use business intelligence to transform your data into valuable insights. Our Oracle Business Intelligence services and expertise can help you develop new software or improve your existing systems. Modern intelligence business solutions enable more employees to access the information they need to make data-driven decisions, and DESSS has it all.

BI solutions provide organizations with advanced analytical tools to self-service their business data. Users can access and process data whenever they want it. BI software also allows business groups to forecast future events using predictive analytics capabilities. Today's business intelligence software tools enable companies to analyze various data types, including unstructured and third-party data.
DESSS’ Oracle BI Practice provides design and development services for most information management platforms, including data warehouse & app design, reports and dashboards, as well as upgrades and conversions.

Every enterprise sources data, including metrics, calculations, and hierarchies; this provides consistent and accurate insight regardless of the location. These include web-based interactive dashboards and collaboration workspaces. We have successfully implemented large projects for many customers around the world.


DESSS's Oracle Business Intelligence Service in Houston

Oracle Business Intelligence runs on a cloud-based analytics platform that enables you to do more with less.

  • The Cloud - Get the performance and peace of mind that you want from the cloud so you can concentrate on improving your analytics to drive innovation.  
  • Manage Data Easily - Oracle Database in the cloud allows you to do it all: enable self-service data loading, reuse existing data integrations, and use a wide range of tools and industry tools.
  • Display the Story - dozens of interactive visualizations, automatic suggestions, and self-service discovery make it easy for you or your users to create effective analytics. 
  • Enhance Your Analytics - Enhance data while maintaining consistency and governance through standard definitions and advanced calculations.  
  • Mobile Friendly - Your analytics are immediately and securely available on any device with no extra work.  
  • Holistic Approach – Data Warehouse and ETL services are based on a holistic approach. They align business and technical goals and help you reduce infrastructure costs, simplify information support, and reduce the risk of audit, security, and disseminating incorrect data throughout your organization.
  • Reporting Services – Our Financial Consolidation & Reporting services to enable organizations to quickly and accurately report to stakeholders, speed closing cycles, improve compliance, and provide governance, transparency, and governance around the financial close & reporting process.
  • Customized Services – You can use the Executive Portals, Reports, Dashboards, and Analytical Application Services to help you create a strategy and map for transforming your business into a BI app. The prioritization is ser on market dynamics and enterprise inertia.
  • Maintenance – We maintain BI infrastructure, including upgrades, migrations, and technology installations.

DESSS's Key Solutions


  • Customer Churn Analytics – Customer Churn Analytics can help you improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn and identify areas for improvement.
  • Effective Asset Management –Asset Management provides real-time monitoring and analysis of assets located at different locations.
  • Smart Monitoring System – DESS's Smart Monitoring System monitors data analytics, preventive detection, and auto/assistive healing.
  • Cloud Analytics - All-in-one retail software that helps you manage your store, track trends, and reduce risks.
  • Oracle Infrastructure Health-Check – Install an infrastructure solution that provides regular system health updates and decreases manual effort for uninterrupted project support.
  • Oracle EPM Service Mentoring is best-in-class, simple to deploy, and requires minimal configuration. It automatically discovers all Hyperion web and application elements while continuously monitoring EPM tiers.

Why Choose DESSS for Oracle Business Intelligence Service in Houston?

  • Latest Server Technologies – We help with configuration, clustering, and setting up an authentication mechanism.
  • Dashboarding Reporting and Publishing – Our experts use business procedures to create interactive dashboards that include drill-down capabilities, guided analytics, alerts, and metadata objects. Ultimately, we design a central architecture to generate and deliver information to customers, employees, and suppliers in a secure and appropriate format.
  • Data Integration – DESSS has experience creating maps, applying transformations, and loading data into the data warehouse.
  • Analysis & Query – Our experts have extensive experience configuring Interactive Dashboards using drill-down capabilities. We allow the users with the proper permissions to create requests to explore and interact with information.

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