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Explore The Advantages Of Oracle Cloud Consultants For Your Business!


Oracle cloud computing has increased in importance and acceptance in the last few years. It is becoming more prominent in the private and public markets due to its speed, flexibility, increasing innovation, and efficiency. Companies of all sizes and kinds make use of Oracle cloud computing services due to a variety of reasons.

Cloud is a broad term that encompasses various online services. For those considering cloud-based services for your business, it is essential to understand the distinction between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, which are the primary cloud models available. It is essential to select the right model based on your company's needs and the number of tasks you'd like to complete yourself or assign your tasks over to the vendor.

Oracle cloud computing consulting helps speed up digital transformation, reduce costs, increase business agility, and enhance customer experience.


Cloud has no boundaries!

In the present, everything is possible through the cloud. Businesses can use more than one cloud application to gain efficiency, cost savings, and profits. They operate with clusters of on-premise and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications in multiple cloud environments.


What is Oracle Cloud?

Oracle Cloud is a cloud computing service offered through Oracle Corporation, which provides storage, server applications, networks, and other services via a global network of managed data centers.

Oracle Cloud provides Data as a Service (DaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) which creates applications, integrates, deploys, and enhances applications on the cloud.

This platform supports many open standards and open-source solutions. It also supports various programming languages, tools, and frameworks, including Oracle-specific, Open Source, and third-party software. The main categories of cloud computing are SaaS (IaaS), DaaS (and PaaS).


Know The Benefits Of Oracle Cloud Consulting Services!

As businesses look for vendors with greater expertise and specialization, the demand for Oracle consulting Services is growing. A sound Oracle cloud consulting Service Provider such as DESSS will help you bridge the organizational gap in the cloud. They offer transformational services as well as support for cloud-native needs. They bring together Oracle partners' expertise, proven processes, and automated tools to solve customer problems.

Customers expect more and finding the right provider is becoming increasingly important. Providers are constantly expanding their capabilities, adding new capabilities, closing gaps, and improving service portfolios and cloud-native capabilities. There are significant differences between cloud consulting partners serving large enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses.

Oracle cloud consulting can help you secure your information, minimize downtime, and prevent data loss. A team of Oracle Cloud consultants will provide Oracle consulting Services to support your business and fulfill the role of an IT department within your company. The following are some of the benefits that cloud consulting can bring to your business.



Employing Oracle cloud consulting for your business will reduce network maintenance costs. A fully-staffed IT department is often unnecessary and costly for small and medium-sized enterprises. Outsourcing cloud consulting can help you save significant money each year.


Flexible Pricing

You can choose the level of service you need and pay accordingly with an Oracle consulting Service Provider. Pricing can be adjusted to meet the changing demand. Flexible pricing and deployment models allow you to adjust the fees and optimize them based on your requirements.


Better Collaboration

Partners with global capabilities can offer Oracle Cloud consulting services to help your business and team when they operate in different countries. Cloud Applications make collaboration and sharing of resources easier with your team members. Cloud-based file-sharing apps and workflows allow for efficient teamwork, even if your employees work from different locations.


Backup and Recovery

Data security in the cloud is among the most significant issues for every business. Recovery of lost data following an attack on security can be a hassle, particularly if you don't possess a solid backup system. Data stored locally in an on-premise application or system will be lost when the device becomes damaged. Transferring your data over to a secure cloud-based platform such as Oracle Cloud can help you prevent this from happening. Additionally, dependable Oracle cloud consulting will ensure that all of your business information is stored in the cloud at all times. If your storage facilities' physical infrastructure is affected by unforeseen incidents, you'll ensure that you can recover the entire information.


Automatic Software Updates

Cloud technology companies are continuously making improvements to their products and releasing updates, increasing functionality and security. Software updates automatically play an essential role in ensuring that systems function efficiently and that networks are protected against cyber-attacks. It is the case that your Oracle cloud consulting Service provider manages all updates to your software remotely, which reduces the expense of hiring cloud specialists in-house to manage and update cloud-based software.

Oracles cloud infrastructure offers the fundamental building block that includes numerous computing options, reliable storage, speedy connectivity, AI-driven analysis, and strong security. The development of the Oracle cloud has created an unprecedented level of integration, allowing employees to concentrate on their most productive tasks.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) can be described as a distribution model that lets third-party companies host applications and releases them to customers through the Internet.


  • Users don't have to update, install or even manage software. SaaS Oracle cloud consulting providers handle all of this.
  • High-Data security in the cloud and equipment failure does not cause data loss.
  • Resources used for service are easily scaled based on the needs of the service.
  • Access the apps via any device connected to the internet practically from any place around the globe.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a service allows you to create, deploy, and manage applications without building and maintaining complex infrastructure such as servers, storage, networks, or operating systems. It has complete control over the applications that are deployed and the configurations of the application hosting environment.

Key features:

  • PaaS speeds provisioning, improves scalability, increases automation, and standardizes deployments. It also eliminates repetitive tasks.
  • Integrates with IaaS Services
  • It can be used to prevent disruption and security threats.
  • Reduce downtime and data loss
  • Rapid recovery
  • Rapid scaling possible
  • End-users will find the coding environment easy to use.

Transfer data from your on-premise servers to the Oracle cloud. As every process, application, or dataset may require a different setup, synchronization and transition to the cloud require planning. You will also need to calculate the costs. It is crucial to ensure that all services are migrated securely to another cloud provider.

Why Choose DESSS?

It is essential to replicate all workflows when migrating IT resources and infrastructure to the cloud. This is particularly important when you move to Oracle data analytics tools, which are cloud-managed, from other providers. DESSS efficiently configures and sets security controls to safeguard your sensitive information.

We help solve your business problems, enable innovation, and avoid any IT-related risks that are crucial. Our team will help maintain healthy cloud architecture in your cloud strategy.

Migration your IT assets to the cloud infrastructure is an essential step rather than a novelty. It allows you to reduce hardware investments, simplify processes, and make them more compliant and secure. However, you will need DESSS Oracle cloud consulting to fully embrace these changes. Our expert team will help you reap the business benefits once you hire us.

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