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All industries are judged by the customer experiences they deliver however, each industry's needs are different. Sugar CRM software is flexible, and performs the heavy lifting across all industries, helping companies achieve their business objectives and meet expectations.

Are you looking for experts in SugarCRM solutions who will not only offer custom-built CRM platforms but also provide suggestions and strategies to aid you in saving time and money?

We have got you covered! At DESSS, we are a team of enthusiastic advisors who redefine your CRM strategy to create lasting business value. Our optimized SugarCRM solutions can help you increase lead generation, and retention of customers, improve communication between departments and boost data-driven insights so that you can concentrate on selling, marketing, and providing your customers with the best service.

What is sugar CRM?

Sugar CRM is the most popular open-source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. The software was created in 2004, and more than half a million customers use Sugar CRM to implement marketing strategies, increase sales, keep customers, and build customized business software. The custom business applications that Sugar CRM offers can be utilized in many ways, for example, to help sales teams run as well as run customer support companies and to manage customer databases. One of the distinctive aspects of Sugar CRM is that it is open-source software, which means that the software's source code is open to anyone who is a developer, or user of the software.

This puts the management of your app and the data you store in it and allows you to use Sugar CRM however you like. This has allowed Sugar partners and developers around the world the possibility of customizing the software to be used in a variety of different industries.

DESSS believes that business management software will make managing customer experience simpler. SugarCRM solutions is a highly rated and market-leading software that fulfills this need and more.

What Are The Advantages Of Using SugarCRM?

It's no secret that digital changes are changing the way companies engage with their clients. CRM gives you an accurate and complete view of the customer's needs and helps all users to provide consistently excellent experiences for every interaction with customers.

A company can succeed only if it is able to keep its customers satisfied. One of the key steps to achieve this is to use a high-quality CRM system to manage customer records and manage the business process in a more efficient manner.

Enter SugarCRM, a program designed to monitor and manage information about customers, generate sales leads, manage clients' requests and execute additional marketing and sales tasks. SugarCRM is available as commercial and free versions and the latter comes with sophisticated functions which include offline client sync and connectivity with Microsoft Outlook, multiple deployment options, and more.

Let's explore the advantages of using SugarCRM solutions to grow your company.

Smoother Sales:

SugarCRM will provide you with a complete picture of your sales position. This software can help you to focus your marketing efforts to target customers with the greatest chances of converting successfully. This will also reduce the amount you spend as it cuts the unnecessary costs of people who aren't likely to turn into customers.

It gives a live view of leads to sales and parallel-running marketing campaigns that aid in making rapid management decisions.


SugarCRM helps you in making a conversation about your brand with your clients. The tool will allow you to effectively dispel the doubts of your customer's fears by automatically notifying customers about renewals, discounts incentives, coupons, and other offers. Additionally, it can help you analyze and collect relevant information about potential clients and develop custom-designed solutions that meet the needs of your client exactly. A CRM that is driven by marketing helps you convey relevant details about your brand to the client.

Multi-Device Support and Ease of Access:

SugarCRM is also accessible via mobile devices. It allows you to seamlessly enter prospect details on your mobile device. It isn't just limited to mobile devices. As long as the Java-enabled browser is used, authorized users have access to the system at any time and from anywhere. SugarCRM can be linked with a variety of third-party applications, so it doesn't matter if your business is small or large.

SugarCRM solutions are simple to use and easy to navigate for employees. Sugar has a high user adoption rate. This is a crucial feature because it is the end users that will ultimately decide the success or failure of a CRM implementation.

Social Networking:

You can also sync contacts, tasks, and calendars with Yahoo! You can use it to send mail, outlook, Gmail, and other IMAP email servers.


This software is affordable and you can rest assured that your company won't have to spend a lot. SugarCRM is able to offer the “more for your money” value proposition in CRM. Sugar CRM is an affordable solution that you can trust, with all its core CRM capabilities. There are no hidden fees or complicated price structures.

SugarCRM is the right choice for your business.

SugarCRM's success in CRM is due to many factors. SugarCRM is loved by large corporations and SMEs alike. SugarCRM has helped businesses transform regardless of their size or industry.


No matter what CRM you buy, a default solution won't allow you to manage all your operations. There is always a need to customize. Your custom SugarCRM theme, modules, and dashboards can be customized. You can customize the system to create a unique platform that manages your entire business. SugarCRM is the leader in this area. It is an open-source CRM that can be customized to fit your business processes. SugarCRM solutions can be integrated into existing business processes instead of changing them. SugarCRM gives customers the ability to customize their CRM functions. It can be updated to the most recent version without losing any customization.


Customization will get only a portion of the task accomplished. To get 100% results, you need to connect your SugarCRM with all the departments of your organization through third-party applications/plugins. SugarCRM lets you connect to any software you want, whether it's sales automation, marketing automation, social media, financial processing, analytics, Content management systems, eCommerce platform, and much more. These kinds of SugarCRM integrations can enhance the capabilities of CRM, allowing a variety of processes to be performed through the SaaS solution and without switching between different windows and software, which can lead to the efficiency of business procedures.


SugarCRM is extremely efficient when compared with other CRMs in handling huge amounts of data. Sugar's reporting capabilities let you collect data from multiple modules to create reports that provide you with an excellent understanding of your analytics. SugarCRM solutions let you create advanced reports. If that isn't enough, you can have customized reports using the assistance of CRM experts, to examine the vast amount of data that is stored in this CRM database.


After SugarCRM is modified to meet the requirements of the customer's business, It can then be placed on the platform they prefer. One of the distinctive aspects that come with SugarCRM is the options for deployment it provides. SugarCRM offers four different deployment options; Private Cloud, Public Cloud, On-Premise, and On-Demand. You are able to select any of these four choices and are able to change the method when your customer base expands and your business grows.


DESSS team examines your needs as well as your goals and the challenges you're trying to resolve to ensure that we create SugarCRM work in your unique business environment.

  • Review and determine the top priorities and needs across customer service, marketing, along with sales.
  • Find ways to boost and improve communication in the workplace as well as collaboration along with data sharing.
  • Think about all components that are part of the design including customization, migration, dashboards, and integration.
  • Find ways to streamline and optimize the efficiency of service, marketing, and sales procedures.
  • Create a SugarCRM framework that is able to be expanded to meet the evolving demands of your business.

Design & Configuration

DESSS makes sure that SugarCRM solutions can be more valuable to your teams by conceiving custom configurations, customizing, and implementing everything you require to effectively engage with prospects and customers in order to establish stronger connections.

  • Customize your user interface and module structure, data structure, workflows, and dashboards to improve usability and ease of use
  • Develop automated business processes that ensure you can spend less time performing tasks by hand
  • Create and implement a streamlined marketing campaign management for events, email, and social media


DESSS will integrate SugarCRM and other applications to eliminate processes and create a single source truth that allows you to gain complete visibility, optimize daily operations, and generate more sales.

  • SugarCRM can be integrated with your ERP, telephony platform, and customer portals.
  • To collaborate across departments, create a seamless connection between Sugar Market, Sugar Sell, and Sugar Serve
  • Create a seamless, connected experience with the mobile app


Our team can migrate legacy business solutions and databases from legacy systems to SugarCRM solutions and make changes to the data storage to create new dashboards that are easy to use and help you monitor performance.

  • To analyze the depth of data stored in your CRM database, create custom reports.
  • To make future predictions, and get a historical complete, and accurate view of customer journeys.
  • Training and Onboarding for Users

Our team provides in-depth training for end users or brief training sessions to accelerate user adoption and use your new SugarCRM solution.


DESSS offers ongoing support for SugarCRM platforms after they are in use. This includes upgrades and configuration enhancements, as well as technical requirements.

Take Action

SugarCRM solutions are just a click away from enabling you to build meaningful customer relationships and provide excellent customer service. SugarCRM, a flexible and robust CRM platform, is ideal for any industry. It is a great CRM platform for healthcare, banks, small businesses, and financial service firms, as well as CRM for educational institutions. What are you waiting to do? Contact us now to book a CRM Consultation!