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DESSS is a CRM development company concentrating in business management solutions that offer phenomenal profit and productivity improvement thru process combination.

CRM is defined as a strategy for managing any of your enterprise relationships and communications with customers, clients and/or leads. It assists you to continue connecting with them, clarify processes and increase your effectiveness.

DESSS provides IT Consulting, offshore technological software solutions, Business Automation, Custom Business Applications and allows digitization across the business.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have grown substantially over the recent years. It has become gradually important for these applications to become simple as ABC to use while also offering integration to daily business productivity software, such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, and others like these ones. These CRM software applications also most offer flexibility so they can be configured to address the exclusive requirements of the clients and the businesses they assistant, demanding an application that is simple to adjust and configure.

We work with rising businesses across industries especially those in manufacturing, engineering, retailing, healthcare, and wholesale distribution sector. Edifying on almost twenty years of experience and domain know-how, our solutions are created to connect your business necessities. We execute power knowledge to establish throughout business management solutions, using dynamic technologies and platforms.

Customer Relationship Management allows you to concentrate on your company’s connections with customers, service users, colleagues or suppliers. The CRM use is not just for sales, also to apply like a marketing tool impacting it in your business – from HR to customer services and supply-chain management.

DESSS power methods like analytical displaying, meeting intelligent insights through estimating, data mining, and text mining to place the customer in the spotlight. We support our clients accelerate their CRM conversion actions to raise sales, improve efficiency and increase customer service, at the same time, decreasing operational cost and enhancing time-to-market.

If your marketing and sales team are re not equipped with the most recent and great in software technology they could be the most powerful and smart staff, but will consistently fall short of their substantial capacity.


Why CRM is Important

  • Empower your marketing professionals with CRM & marketing.
  • DESSS offers strong and expandable CRM solution. Our CRM solution is designed for all manufacturing companies who want to enlarge the customer experience by connect all the customer channels and make decisions with the assistant of remarkable customer analytics.
  • Deliver a whole experience beyond all points of commerce. We consider ourselves your mentor for current and future challenges in marketing, sales, customer service, and commerce.
  • Marketing, sales and customer service most developing at the same time. We certify that our following CRM system is created to maintenance future progresses in common support.
  • Build attractive and customized applications for exclusive business requirements. It also assists in scheduling, developing, maintaining, and expanding customer relationships, to simplify the expansion of customer profits and approval.
  • CRM reporting and consoles, track every opportunity and finish more treats. Our CRM solutions make sure that you get all the customer information from different fonts; allow the appropriate support team; it helps to obtain all the solution in the history of customer that can be utilized for future reference. In case of severe concerns, our CRM solutions assist you in identifying the areas where the businesses require correcting the service for better customer comfort.

How do you decode the many floods of data coming in from sales teams, customer service staff, marketers and social media monitoring into useful business information?



Using a CRM system can provide you a full overview of your clients. You can have the whole picture in a single place — a simple, customizable control panel that can tell you a customer's records with you, the status of their orders, any outstanding customer service issues, etc.



You can even select to embrace data from their public social media activity, what they are saying and sharing with you. The marketing specialist can use CRM to better understand the conduit of sales, making estimating easier and more precise. You'll have strong perceptibility of each lead, showing you the perfect route from reviews to sales.

The whole customer life process, from the first communication with your company to a repeat purchase, each activity requests to be documented and evaluated. That’s the main purpose why many mid-market companies have found worth in selecting a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for their businesses.

DESSS makes it easy for business managers to get organized and build exceptionally good customer relationships that will last long. Get all your customer data, communication records, marketing details and every other needed aspect for better customer relationship management – all organized and centralized at one secure cloud-based platform with DESSS, so that you can magnify your business productivity and profitability. With a set of powerful and advanced tools, dashboard, integrations and syncing options, it will streamline the entire sales & marketing process of organizations.