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Sharepoint Consulting in Houston


DESSS, one of the top SharePoint Consulting Services Companies in Houston, offers professional SharePoint solutions that will streamline business processes, enhance operational efficiency, improve employee productivity, and maximize business ROI. Our customized SharePoint services help managers and senior-level executives fully leverage the advantages of SharePoint through effective dashboards and business intelligence tools. At DESSS, our expert SharePoint consultants have handled hundreds of installations and migrations. If you are in need of SharePoint services, come to us since we are a one-stop shop for all your SharePoint needs. We provide a vast array of SharePoint consulting services for small start-ups to large enterprises and government agencies.


We offer the following Microsoft SharePoint Consulting services


Assessment and Strategy Planning: You may already be using SharePoint or you may be in a dilemma about whether SharePoint is the right solution for document management of your enterprise. We can help you by making a detailed assessment of your requirements and analyzing your enterprise needs and developing a customized strategy to suit your needs. We do a thorough analysis of the existing document management system, analyze and document your requirements, find out the expectations of key stakeholders, and lay out a customized strategy.

Installation and Configuration: We then work in collaboration with the IT team and install and configure SharePoint infrastructure. Our installation and configuration services include security configuration, SharePoint disaster recovery planning, search and index planning, and portal setup.

SharePoint Migration


SharePoint Migration: Whether it is a migration of a legacy system to SharePoint or MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint server 2007 to MOSS2010 or 2013), we ensure that there is a complete, secular, and seamless migration. We analyze your business requirements, lay out a migration strategy, customize it, implement it, and finally ensure that the migrated system works seamlessly for you.

SharePoint Customization and Branding


SharePoint Customization and Branding: Our expert SharePoint designers and developers can make SharePoint systems work wonders for you. Whether it is an aesthetic design or changing color and font, we can design user-friendly SharePoint websites just for you, that enhance branding and improves the credibility of your website.

SharePoint Development


SharePoint Development: SharePoint has some out-of-the-box features, which when utilized well, can save money and time. We consult you to offer some extended functionality that will help you leverage the effectiveness of SharePoint. We develop web parts, workflows, enterprise search, dashboards, reporting, extranet, and intranet sites.

SharePoint Training


SharePoint Training: We offer excellent SharePoint training to administrators so that your enterprise is able to utilize the full benefits and maximize ROI. We offer training on the various features of SharePoint and teach how to handle all issues while effectively running the SharePoint system.

SharePoint Maintenance and Support


SharePoint Maintenance and Support: We provide complete maintenance services, empower you to investigate and resolve SharePoint-related issues, and offer the proper guidance and support that you need.

Managing the Complete Enterprise's SharePoint lifecycle


Managing the Complete Enterprise's SharePoint lifecycle: Starting from analyzing to implementation, we can offer complete life-cycle support.

Server farm architecture


Server farm architecture: This helps to form an information architecture that enables to structure, classification, management, and storage of data securely according to its importance and sensitivity. This can be done by following five simple steps i.e. drafting a sitemap, creating partitions based on storage requirements and information security, adhering to the architecture limits, and forming a site architecture that ensures future growth, and expansion.

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