Top Open Source consulting in Houston


Open Source Consulting Company

Staying ahead of the changes in technology and maximizing profits on investments are the great challenges faced by most enterprises today in this fast-growing technological world. At DESSS, we offer the best open-source consulting and application development services to help you align IT with your business in an innovative and flexible way.



We offer the following consulting services:


  • Design and architecture
  • Migration from/to other platforms
  • Optimized performance

The main features of out consulting services: 


  • We offer the best possible consulting services and solutions to suit your requirements.

  • We always aim for customer satisfaction.

  • Help you have a painless migration to other platforms or other legacy systems

  • Our services meet up to industry standards and industry compliance.

  • We offer solutions that are secure, scalable, and stable.

  • We give training in open-source technology that helps you get the maximum benefit with the minimum risk.


  • We provide consulting services according to your requirements and work collaboratively with you to put all your business into practice.
  • We provide the best services for open-source technology providers, so you can find a solution that well integrates with your core business.
  • We offer solutions to you go through stringent quality testing.
  • We provide such cost-effective solutions that you get better ROI and the much-needed support to reach your business goal.
  • Our expert consultants constantly update their knowledge, and they offer innovative solutions to help you take your business to the next level.
  • We are using technology SAP , Microsoft , Open source , Birt , Oracle and IBM

If you are interested in our Open Source services, please call us at (713) 589-6496. Reach us now.