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DESSS, a professional BIRT Consulting Company, provides excellent services to design and develop a BIRT platform in a cost-effective way. BIRT, (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool) is an eclipse-based, open-source reporting system that is flexible and is a pure Java reporting tool that is used for building and publishing reports from databases, XML data sources, and Java objects. This combines the enriched functionality of an eclipse platform and the user-friendliness of an open-source community. BIRT can easily be incorporated into Java, J2EE, and all eclipse-based applications. This open-source version has become very popular and is downloaded by over 3 million software developers. BIRT helps in combining data into graphical visualizations that can be used for personalized analytics, reports, and dashboards.



We offer the following Hyperion EPM consulting services:



We work with you in choosing strategies and plans that are based on your enterprise’s requirements, vision, goals, objectives, KPIs, etc. We consult with you to deliver the best EPM solutions that will maximize your ROI.



We provide you with the best EPM solutions and critical business applications that can be implemented seamlessly and also offer maintenance and enhancement solutions for the applications.



If you have an existing application, we can provide you with seamless upgradation services that will introduce all new features without disturbing the current business operations.


Integration and automation

Our Hyperion consultants offer automation services like loading data, updating data, planning system processes, and delivering reports. This reduces user intervention but enhances business efficiency. We ensure that the application is integrated well so that it provides maximum efficiency.



We offer the required optimization services so that your application performance is enhanced. We make your applications run faster and make it work better.


Advice on existing applications

We do a thorough assessment of existing applications and provide valuable advice on how to improve ROI. Expansion of the existing system and the addition of new features will ensure the highest performance and enhance the ROI of BI investments.



We help you by redesigning the processes so that you are able to meet the business objectives effectively



We understand the training needs and develop a customized training plan, so your staff is empowered to leverage the effectiveness of the application and choose some EPM strategies to suit your business needs.



We provide complete optimization, upgradation, and maintenance services to make the application work wonders for you.

Our strengths:

  • Highly experienced Hyperion application specialists
  • On-site and off-site training
  • High-quality consulting services

We also provide the following services:

Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Workforce Planning, Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Smart View for Office, Hyperion Reports, Hyperion Web Analysis, Hyperion Capital Asset Planning, Hyperion Performance Scorecard, Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management, Hyperion Enterprise

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With the help of BIRT, you can add the following reports to your applications:

  • Lists: You can add lists of data and even group them together according to convenience. Numerical data can also be easily added, and totals, averages, and other summaries can be taken.
  • Charts: BIRT provides different charts like pie charts, bar charts, and line charts, that can be rendered in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).
  • Crosstabs: This shows data in two dimensions i.e. sales per quarter and hits per web page.
  • Letters and documents: BIRT enables the easy creation of notices, forms, letters, and other textual documents.
  • Compound reports: A compound report can be prepared using a list of information, texts of some reports, charts showing growth, and other notices or the text, financial details, and color schemes of the enterprise.

BIRT application development consists of important processes and our expert BIRT Consultants offer exceptional services in the:

  • Report designing: This application development starts with designing that offers an interface of HTML page-oriented design. This makes creating and integrating reports easy into web applications.
  • Reported design file: This comprises visual components such as images or table and non-visual items like parameters, styles, and data sources.
  • Report engine and BIRT viewer: This allows you to integrate the run-time part with the application.
  • Extensibility: BIRT provides a number of extension points that support application modifications.

BIRT Reporting consists of four important parts:

  • Data: Data is supplied from databases, web services, and Java objects. BIRT provides an open data access framework that allows the creation of new UI and runtime support for any data that are in tabular form. Any number of data sources can give data to a single report.
  • Data Transformation: This allows data to be sorted out, summarized, filtered, and grouped.
  • Business logic: This allows available data to become converted into useful information.
  • Presentation: This allows a wide range of options in which the data can be presented. A data report can be presented in multiple ways.

We offer the following BIRT services:

  • Architecture
  • Report design
  • Development and implementation
  • System Integration
  • Extension and customization

The benefits of BIRT applications:

  • Data from multiple sources can be easily integrated into an application design.
  • BIRT IDE is user-friendly and allows a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Has a powerful API that enables easy data access, chart generation, and output formats

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