Business Management Consulting & Advisory Services


Data & Analytics

Turn information into insight with our latest cloud, big data, and predictive analytics solutions.

Business Process Services

We improve performance, enhance productivity and drive growth initiatives.

Organizational Change Management

Our Change Management practice works with executives on strategic and transformational challenges.

Customer Relationship Management

Building a strong relationship with your customers is as important to us as it is to you.

Supply Chain Management

We can help you re-wire your supply chain to improve global trade, transportation, distribution, planning, collaboration, and forecasting performance.

Strategic Planning for Business

DESSS robust strategic plan helps you protect and strengthen your position in the marketplace and a coach can help you understand your current market situation and lay the strategic foundation of your company’s future state.

Strategic planning

  • determine business priorities

  • learn the basics of strategic planning

  • understand your position

  • align your company behind one vision


Finance Structure

We help you to remain profitable; you have to manage the increased flow of money through your business effectively.

We can help you strengthen your finance organization while targeting specific areas in need of development due to company growth.

DESSS is a top management consulting firm. We advise leaders of strategy, marketing, organization, operations, IT, and M&A, across all industries and geographies. Explore the multidisciplinary solutions we have for your complex challenges and opportunities.

Business Solutions consulting Company


Business Consulting

Desss is a leading Global business consulting, IT Advisory, and Auditing. We advise leaders on strategy, marketing, operations, information technology, outsourcing services, transforming business, and operating across all industries and geographies for the digital era.

DESSS offers a full range of advisory services to help entrepreneurs address challenges such as operational efficiency, international expansion, technology, and business management. We also have a team of experienced advisors focused on mid-sized high-impact firms that are seeking accelerated growth.



We work with leading organizations to provide collaborative solutions to their business, and IT challenges with creative ideas that are embraced by their customers. We leverage deep industry knowledge including healthcare, retail, consumer goods, and Real Estate to deliver robust digital solutions in the major areas of client growth.




iPhone Application Development

DESSS offers a nice provider in developing iPhone applications to offer your commercial enterprise accessibility in a fee-powerful manner. ...


Jul 20, 2023
Reasons Why Should You Choose Crystal Reports?

Reasons Why Should You Choose Crystal Reports?

Crystal Reports is a dynamic and powerful reporting tool that allows you to design, explore, visualize and present reports through the web or embedded...


Aug 26, 2022
Mobile App Development

How Mobile Apps Transforms Healthcare?

Today Apps help both patients and doctors to meet up. ...


Jan 02, 2022
Ecommerce website

Need a Web Solution for my Small Business? Looking for an eCommerce website?

Nowadays small businesses need an online presence. How to get an online solution for small businesses? Here is it... ...


Dec 30, 2021
Customized Website

Customized Website for Small and Large Business

Innovative Mobile applications Development for iPhone, Google Android, and Windows phones. ...


Sep 07, 2021
web development

Web Development

The team is made of programmers-analysts experts in internet improvement. We program your website the usage of modern-day technology tailor-made to sa...


Nov 27, 2017
Ecommerce Website Designing

E-commerce Website Designing

In today's online marketing world, online shopping is more ideal than offering without having web nearness. ...


Sep 12, 2017
Smarter Apps for Smarter Business

Smarter Apps for Smarter Business

Develop mobile apps for all platforms, We create smarter apps for smarter Businesses, Develop apps for all platforms ...


Aug 02, 2017
Software Testing and Application Testing

Software Testing and Application Testing

We believe that application software testing is not just a single time event but a repeated approach that becomes part of business strategy in the ent...


Jul 28, 2017
Thinking of a New Website?

Thinking of a New Website?

Thinking of a New Website? Call 713-589-6496 for the Best Website Design and Development ...


Jul 22, 2017
Need Website for my Business?

Need a Website for my Business?

Need Business Personal E-commerce Wedding HealthCare Fashion Blog Shopping Retail School Website? Call (713)589-6496 for all kinds of website solution...


Jul 20, 2017
website development

I am from Houston, looking for website development for my small business?

Sometimes back one of our customers send the following question I am from Houston, looking for website development for my small business? ...


Mar 06, 2017
Joomla Website Development

Do you know the features of Joomla Website Development?

Joomla is the best tool for eCommerce-based website development. Here find various benefits of having a Joomla website. ...


Feb 08, 2017
Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Smartphones are the story of an enormous achievement together with the previous two decades - and also the merchandise gets way extra highly effective...


Feb 07, 2017

Informatica: Powering Data-Driven Marketing with Contact Data Verification

Informatica is talking about planning season. That time of the year when you get your affairs in order, look back at the past year, and get ready for ...


Jan 23, 2017
Mobile App

Why are Mobile App is Important?

Do you think mobile app users are increasing worldwide? Yes, of course, 85% of people around the world instantly need a mobile app to complete the...


Aug 03, 2016
How to design decent websites

How to design decent websites for my business fast?

Designing a website using website design tools like Microsoft FrontPage is easy. Almost it is important to know some HTML tags to create a basic websi...


May 20, 2016

Web Design

Who you make the conclusion to design and retain your website is of the utmost worth when it entails creating good results for your corporation's ...


May 12, 2016
Online Marketing

Online Marketing Techniques: Dos and Donts

To promote online marketing we have to adopt certain marketing techniques like bulk emails, blog commenting, article submission, and other SEO marketi...


Mar 06, 2016