Top Non-Profit Organization Website Design Consulting company

Non-Profit Organization Website Design Consulting Company

DESSS provides web design and development services for all nonprofit organizations to help their target audiences, achieve better success and bring a great change in the way they communicate to customers and potential donors. The sad part is that many of these nonprofit organizations do not have enough online presence. Some of them are not aware of such online features and others do not enough budgets to get a website designed for their organizations. We want to bring about a great change here. We help these organizations get a better online presence so that they get introduced to many donors, raise funds efficiently and also find passionate volunteers.


  • We design a responsive web design that gives all relevant information on the services and functions of your website.

  • We offer the best CMS services to keep the content updated.

  • Many people should know about your organization.

  • We offer the best SEO services to make more people aware of your organization and its services.

  • We connect it well with Social Media partners so that your organizations get more donors and volunteers.

If you are in getting a website designed for your non-profit organization, contact us @ (713)589-6496. Reach us now