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Our custom, social media optimization services help plan your business campaigns effectively so you can establish your brand and product/ service awareness while farming credible leads. Our experts help you generate revenue from social media platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and more. For companies, (both established and startups) social media platforms and video-sharing services offer a lucrative means to get new leads and help you grow your revenue through online channels. Building and maintaining your social media campaigns can be time-consuming and challenging. This is where we come in - our team of social media experts helps you run the show without having to do the heavy lifting. Do you want to learn more about how we at Desss can help you better optimize your social media and run your campaigns smoothly?

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Why Should You Look to Optimize?
There are a set of activities and steps you need to look into before you optimize your social media presence and brand positioning online. It is always best to learn more about what it involves before diving headfirst into social media promotions and campaigns. We help you know your audience and your positioning better so you can select the right set of services for your unique requirements.  

An Account Audit
For companies that already have some amount of Social Media presence, it is recommended to get your accounts audited to check if they are performing at optimum levels. Our experts painstakingly go through your various social media channels and pour through your content and study your user engagement metrics. This allows us to give you a detailed report on what is working, what needs improvement, and what activity needs to scale up. We provide you with an effective, competitive social media business strategy that is more in tune with your target audience.

Your Account Manager
When you entrust us with your social media optimization, you will get hands-on help with your online campaigns. You will also get regular updates and reports at set intervals on what activities we plan and how the past activities are performing. Your dedicated social media account manager will always be in touch, informing you of the progress, or changes in your active campaigns, and will keep you apprised of the next steps for action.


Original Posts
The best engagement levels for brands are by resorting to the original content in posts. We work closely with you to help create original, engaging posts that help you connect with your followers, gain new unique ones, and create a sense of community among your present, active followers. Our experts will ensure that only on-brand posts are created to boost the appeal of your business, create familiarity, and reflect your brand favorably among current followers and new potential ones. Quality posts help emphasize your brand name and showcase products and/or services effectively.


Social Media Setup and Advice
If you are a new brand that is yet to create social media profiles then we will gladly help you get started with all the advice and information necessary. We will also go ahead and (under your supervision) create social media accounts for your business profiles on the targeted social media platforms.

Online Brand Analysis
Your brand is the face and identity of your business. Recognition and familiarity are what brands need to aspire for through popular social media platforms. Our social media team will analyze your brand’s online reputation and performance to see how you are perceived as a business.

We will monitor and analyze your social media accounts for any unfavorable comments, tags, or posts. With this, we will then give you recommendations to repair and boost your online reputation.

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