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Change happens when Brands Connect

We don’t help you create a brand; we help you reveal the hidden gem. It does not matter if you are an established company or an up-and-coming start-up; you know you have a message for the world. You just don’t know how to position it so others are also aware. We just help you realize it to its full potential so the world knows it too.

Our brand team will work with you to help reveal your greatness, building your business’ brand positioning and identity through a perfect synergy of impeccable strategy, and eye-catching design elements.

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Make a Visual Statement

It’s often said that pictures speak a thousand words. This is the primary driving force of branding and we at Desss believe and live this every day. When people need to get something done or have something that they want to aspire to, they visualize it before realizing it. They see the need to get fulfilled in a particular way.

Our job is simple, try to understand the minds of your customers and weave a story and personality around a brand to fulfill that what they desire. This is how they see you as the answer to their questions.

Want to make a photocopy of a document? There is one brand that came to mind when you thought about it. That is what we want to do for your brand.

We Give you the Smart Choice

Principle Branding Solutions:

  • Complete Brand Strategy

  • Brand Positioning

  • Value Proposition

  • Research-driven Insights

  • Brand Architecture

  • Visual Branding

  • Logo Design and Concept Story

  • Brand Colors

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Brand Guidelines/ Brand Manual

  • Literary Branding

  • Brand Name and Story Behind

  • Brand Tagline

  • The tone of Voice or Brand’s Personality

  • Brand Messaging Platform

Brand Marketing Solutions:

  • Creative Campaigns

  • Brand Launch Plans

  • New Product/ Sub-Brand Launch

  • Brand Awareness Programs

  • Digital Branding Services

  • Website Building/ Rebranding

  • Email and Social Media Campaigns

  • Banner, Video and Other Visual Ads

  • Communication Planning

  • Brand Marketing Strategy

  • Advertising and PR

  • Brochures & other Collateral

  • Sales Presentations and more

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Get Recognized

Branding and Brand Building is critical to almost any business due to the substantial impact it makes on your organization. Branding is crucial to how people perceive you, can boost brand awareness, and adds value by bringing in people and clients to do business with you.

Consistent branding efforts win you recognition in the consumer and enterprise psyche. We understand that the primary importance of a great branding endeavor for your business is that it is how you get recognized and become known to your customers.

A well-designed brand logo is the prime element of branding, because, simply put, it is essentially the hallmark, the calling card of your company. It also serves as the face of the organization.

A great logo design should be memorable, simple yet powerful. It needs to make a huge first impression on people. We believe in providing our clients with powerful yet simple symbols that announce to the world that you have arrived.

Increase Your Business Value

When you bring something that can make a difference to your consumer, we want to make you as visible as possible. We understand that you aim to make your customers’ lives better and add more value. We carve out the marble to reveal the message within and then communicate it to your target audience to attract more traffic, new customers, and more business.

Great branding can help generate new business and gives you more leverage in your industry. This increases consumer appeal and boosts investment opportunities as you establish yourself in the market.

Build your Great Place to Work

An expertly branded company also helps add morale to employees and gives them the confidence to get behind the brand and the positioning. Boost your people’s job satisfaction and give them a sense of pride in working for an organization that stands for the same values they do.

We help you build trust between your employees, clients, and consumers so You Shine Bright
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