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We are an experienced and creative email marketing service provider that focuses on high. ROI for your business and increased sales opportunities. With experts that have years of experience working for your brand, you can rest assured that your business will see success. Get email marketing services that make a real difference.

Desss provides you with world-class support and solutions as we are an exceptional, end-to-end email marketing services provider. We work with brands like yours to provide email design, Html coding, campaign setup, campaign deployment, custom email integrations, email automation, email templates, and more.

We work with large established brands and dynamic up-and-coming startups. We provide the best in quality services and support.

Customized Solutions for Your Brand

We provide you with a dedicated Account Management service for your email marketing package. This includes a full-time account manager with real-time support.

Our expert HTML coder can provide you with the perfectly designed, mobile-ready email templates that are responsive across resolutions and platforms.

We design our customized and scalable solutions to save you time, money, and manpower for a fast-paced and demanding business environment.

Clear and Precise Wireframe

We at Desss strive to assist you in reaching your email marketing potential through our tried and tested method. Our simple and air-tight process is designed to take you through the complex world of email marketing and simplify it so that it is as transparent as possible for all our clients.

Customized Planning and Execution

We benchmark our Email marketing strategies with the best in the market and conduct thorough research and data collection to bring you the best experience possible.

We chart out a plan that spans two quarters to bring more depth into our email marketing strategies and work closely with your marketing teams to maximize all planned campaigns during the time.

We create plans and tasks that are aimed at list-growth services to better manage your email campaigns and increase the database of your potential receivers.

We conduct drip email campaigns to build up interest and to filter the right number of promising leads to maximize your ROI.

We conduct thorough email A/B testing and segmented email blasts to ensure the effective execution of our campaigns.

We provide you with detailed reports on the performance and effectiveness of the email campaigns so that the data can help in planning future campaigns to improve the overall effectiveness of your brand reach and influence.

Keeping Up with the Times

Email marketing has seen quite a few changes over the years, especially now in 2020. It has adopted quite well to mobile users, and the ease of reading emails on handheld devices has changed the dynamics of email marketing. Mobile-first approaches to email marketing are slated to be a high ROI channel for marketing.

Even today, email marketing finds great value data that has been collated over previous years. The intrinsic value of collecting email addresses is not as short-lived as previously suspected.

Brands across industries continue sending emails and executing email marketing campaigns at least once a month in order to stay relevant and promote their products or services. Having us work with you to effectively manage and run your email marketing campaigns will result in higher ROI and greater brand awareness. [Reach Us today]

Email for Success

Successful email campaigns begin with a winning strategy. Winning strategies come with years of experience and research. We at Dess can assure you of winning strategies through our industry experts who have years of experience behind them.

Our carefully planned campaigns will be executed with precision, taking into account your unique niche in the market and opportunities to carve out a bigger slice of the pie.

You need not go it alone and feel overwhelmed with the complexities of email marketing. Let us do the hard work for you while you focus on improving your business growth trajectory.

Desss, we are here to help you grow.