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Web Analysis

Track Website User Activity

Get the complete rundown of your or your competitor's company’s online performance with website usage and traffic analytics. Check the analytics of any domain and use that knowledge to better prepare your digital properties for optimum performance. Compare the results of multiple website analytics and traffic data or even analyze your own list of websites through your own curated list of domains.

Analyze for Change

Our analytics service uses advanced analytics tools to track any website’s traffic and user activity. This collated dataset gives your company the ability to fine-tune and refine your content to better engage with your target audience.

We look beyond tracking just web usage. We also include the analysis of interactions with social media platforms and any associated mobile apps. This extended digital analytics approach gives you a wider picture and a larger field of view to better approach your services and product positioning to your audience.

The data derived and collated through our analytics tools help brands test and boost the online presence of their products, services, and overall brand positioning.

Through effective web analytics, businesses can expect to better use their resources to:

  • Attract a higher number of visitors

  • Improving customer engagement

  • Increase overall sales numbers

  • Increase customer loyalty and retention

  • Effectively reassign marketing budgets

  • Make informed website redesigns

  • Fine-tune and efficiently communicate Brand Positioning

  • Craft highly engaging website content

Lean Mean Branded Machine

These come together to optimize your resources to meet your business objectives more efficiently.

Web Analytics Overview

  • Check for a web traffic analysis for about any company or brand on the Internet

  • Set your benchmarks and identify key trends

  • Differentiate the desktop and mobile traffic ratio

  • Single-out priority markets by observing the countries from which the traffic comes from

  • Detect and measure (unique) visitors

  • Identify user engagement metrics of a website, and check for direct referral, social traffic, search, and paid traffic

  • Collate the information of your major competitors

Traffic Analytics

  • Learn how brands get new visitors to their website

  • what are the other practices that they used to better position themselves?

  • Dismantle your competitor’s strategies for digital promotion

  • Identify the top referring sites for their services and plan your marketing endeavors accordingly

  • Study historical data and better identify their marketing mix

  • Reveal subsidiary brands and key projects that the brand website links to.

  • Identify and study their SEO efforts and identify the top search engines they use.

  • Detect and monitor social networks that drive maximum traffic for their pages, products, and services

Target Audience Data

  • We help identify the websites visited by your competitor brands’ audience

  • Get a detailed list of associated web portals visited by this audience set.

  • Compare unique and shared audience sets from among the list

  • Gain deeper insights through this audience overlap

  • Gauge and plan your potential reach.

  • Get more insight into their interest, consumer categories, and brand preferences.

Around the World

Our advanced web analytics solutions help you locate the best markets for your website, anywhere in the world. Our team does the heavy lifting in terms of research to identify and determine the regions where your competitors get the maximum amount of site traffic from.

We can also pinpoint data to observe how user behavior differs from one region to the next. This allows you to see how the competitors’ global marketing efforts are carried out.

Lighting the Way

With the Desss web traffic analysis, you can identify a brand’s popular service or product. With this data, we can light the way ahead on their customer journey. Identify the top products within their roster, which get promoted regularly, and through which channel.

Confused about their top content or need help pinning down their exact USP? We help you identify it on any website. We also help you discover pages like the cart, check-out, and traffic analysis of any trial offers and login pages.

Don’t just take a Shot in the Dark

Stay informed and adopt the winning strategies and best-in-class tactics of your major competitors.

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