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PPC or pay per click is sponsored links or advertisements that are usually displayed at the top or the right-hand side of the result pages of the search engines. It is one of the most effective marketing techniques that will help you to reach a targeted audience quickly and easily. You pay only when a user clicks on your sponsored advertisement. Effective PPC strategies and management can help bring traffic to your website which may then be converted to business opportunities. If not managed correctly it can become a pitfall that could easily swallow your money and eat up your profitability. At DESSS we offer the best PPC services to bring success to your business. We have a team of PPC specialists who use latest tools and proven strategies to ensure complete success. For the best and reliable services you cannot rely on unsophisticated users but need our PPC experts to help you sail through flawless campaigns. Our PPC management team can provide such excellent campaigns that will give a better ROI.

You would have seen many ads for companies promising to offer the best PPC services. How do we believe them? Here is a checklist of how to select a good PPC management company.

  • Check whether the company is familiar with all the strategies of PPC. PPC is not just hosting ads. Find out if they can find out the keywords on which they are going to bid, do they have any idea of what negative keywords are and whether they are economically savvy to host ads that will ensure maximum profitability to your business.

  • Check whether they know how to optimize their landing page because the success of a PPC campaign surely depends on the properly optimized landing page

  • Next check how long have they been in this business. A dramatic difference in PPC can be brought by PPC experts who have in-depth knowledge and vast experience in this field.

  • Check what kind of customer service they offer. Find out whether they will be readily available to answer your concerns and queries, how quickly they can respond to your questions and whether they can show you results of some of the campaigns recently hosted by them.

We are one of the most professional PPC Management Company who holds these services close to heart and tries our level best to offer strategies that will work out excellent for your business.

We offer the following PPC services:

  • Develop a strategy: With consult with you to find out your PPC objectives and develop an effective strategy that will help you to get the desired results at an affordable cost per click.

  • Keyword research: We do a thorough analysis of keywords and develop themed campaigns which will highlight your products or services and will aim at the targeted audience.

  • Creating titles and descriptions: We create customized title and descriptions that will maximize traffic and enhance conversion rates.

  • Landing page identification and optimization: We identify the best landing page and offer any optimization improvement to make your landing page aesthetic and functional.

  • Tracking services: We help you implement tracking codes so that it will be easy for you to track down conversions from your PPC campaigns.

  • PPC account monitoring: We provide close supervision of the PPC accounts.

  • PPC bid management: This helps to manage bid gap control, Bid price changes, and bid position maintenance.

  • Analysis: We perform a thorough analysis of the campaign performance, conversions and the campaign trends. Based on this analysis we build strategies to better the PPC campaign.

  • PPC audits: If you already have a PPC campaign running but not productive and feel that you need some improvement strategies; we are ever ready to help you.

DESSS, one of the most Professional PPC Company, that offers the best services to take your company to the next level of business efficiency and enhanced ROI. Call us at 713-589-6496 for the best PPC services.

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