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Enjoy a renovated commerce platform that provides B2C and B2B organizations better agility and flexibility to quickly transform and drive Omnichannel business.

IBM has announced the release of WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0, that offers a market-leading customer interaction platform, which allows companies to deliver an excellent customer experience across multiple channels.

The Dynatrace software intelligence solution offers an all-in-one platform for digital companies beyond application performance management. The answer, as a substitute for data: digital experience analytics, application performance management and cloud and infrastructure checking for hybrid multi-cloud environments in digital business.



Hippo CMS connects with IBM® WebSphere Commerce. E-commerce is no more just about purchases online. It's about providing an unfailing shopping experience across channels, including mobile, social and in-store. IBM® WebSphere Commerce permits you to distribute a seamless, omnichannel shopping experience thru pertinent content, marketing, and promotions, although prolonging your brand across digital and physical roads.

eCommerce is more and more important to companies, brands, vendors, and others. With the success of marketplaces like Amazon, many organizations are spreading eCommerce with a Marketplace of their own. DESSS makes it easy and affordable for IBM WCS customers to add a Marketplace to current eCommerce sites.

At Desss, we can help you to choose the perfect software with real-time intelligence into client satisfaction and behavior, your applications, and the execution of your hybrid multi-cloud.


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