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Marketo, Inc., offers the leading Engagement Platform that enables marketers to generate durable relationships and increase revenue.

Marketo is a wonderful mid-range marketing automation tool for those needful approximately that’s robust for a 100+ person organization, but who don’t want to expend $2,000/month+ for a tool.

Marketo decreases the difficulty of modern digital marketing by taking together all your essential customer data impeccably in one unified engagement platform. This gives marketers the skill to attend, learn, and absorb like never before.


    Some Features:


    • Integrate Custom Forms and Logic
    • Deliver customer advocacy and engagement across the enterprise.
    • The Power to Translate is Now Inside Marketo! All-in-One Translation Solution.
    • Create a task and collaborate with them from your Marketo account.
    • Avoid data duplication
    • Integrate Web Forms for Scoring and Events
    • Tracking & progressive profiling
    • Enable Website Tracking with a Click.
    • Develop incredible customer relationships, from acquisition through to support.
    • Gain the most relevant view of customers.
    • Provide tools to plan, budget and execute multi-channel campaigns.
    • Deliver the best experience to every customer at scale.
    • Create personalized and authentic messages.
    • Take customers from acquisition to advocates.
    Some Features:

Monitor delivery, bounce, open, click and unsubscribed rates. Create reports to drill down, segment and explore your lead database. Review social and content sharing effectiveness. ROI reports also enable you to tie revenue directly to campaigns.

Marketo is very intuitive and receives a lot of applause for how easy it is to implement and use. At times, the tool can be slow and foolish, but anyway is a good software.

DESSS makes it easier to connect Marketo with other apps for the best lead management and operational visions. Run successful marketing campaigns by automatically correspond with Eventbrite, Shopify, Slack and 100 other popular applications. Start connecting your apps and automating your productivity.

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