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Shopify is a commerce platform that lets anyone to simply sell online, at a retail location, and all over in between.

From giving VIP customers the treatment that they deserve to send targeted messages based on what someone has actually done on your site, you’ll have all of the tools you need to boost sales on your Ecommerce site. Activate messages based on the metrics that matter to you like time on site, number of visits, & more.

According to Internet Retailer, BigCommerce and Shopify are the two fastest-growing platforms serving B2B and B2C sites selling more than $1 million per year online.

Your Shopify products are synced to your Drupal site in current time as Drupal units. These product entities are fieldable, them able, and customize-able. Shopify's fresh and innate interfaces power your store's back office and Drupal is used for product display. Customers check out using Shopify's checkout workflow.

Pros and Cons

Shopify Plus addresses wholesale needs by creating a separate channel utilizing the existing catalog. While Shopify Plus’s wholesale channel takes some valuable natural functionality, it limits sure features such as wholesale pricing and %-off cart-level discounts to general sales customers. Moreover, by placing wholesale on a subdomain with a strategy that leaves little room for customization, the total sales customers aren’t receiving the equal quality experience as retail customers. Although design traditionally hasn’t been a priority for many B2B wholesalers, as ever more wholesale purchasing shifts online, having an insipid experience that can’t be customized puts a wholesale shopping experience at a weakness.

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