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It is not just enough to just create a website. It has to be hosted onto the internet so that it can be accessed through World Wide Web. DESSS offers excellent Web hosting services by helping an individual or a company to get a space on a server, own or lease them, and provide internet connectivity. We provide you the best hosting packages of high standards and at affordable prices.

The benefits of DESSS Web Hosting:

  • Fosters the perfect environment to host your website so that you can view your website on the internet
  • Offer you web space to host your website
  • It helps you to improve the customer base
  • Helps you to enhance business profitability through Google Ads
  • Offers you customer care 24/7
  • Offers server space or bandwidth according to your requirement
  • Help to enhance the Web presence
  • It helps you feature all the information, images, services, videos, graphics through your site
  • It provides the disk space to upload and save the codes
  • It gives you information regarding who has visited your website and the duration of their visit
  • It helps you to create database which is crucial for your business
  • Web hosting also helps you to advertise your products to the world
  • It provides a secure environment

We offer the following web hosting services:

  • Customized dedicated server solution to suit your requirement
  • The client can choose between Linux and Windows to host their website
  • Installation and repair
  • Maintenance services

Why DESSS? The top 8 reasons:

  • We offer reasons hosting services
  • Our experts have excellent technical skills
  • We provide excellent services in network availability and speed
  • Excellent data center hosting
  • 24 hrs customer care
  • Affordable Web hosting services
  • Full uptime guarantee
  • We also offer easy hosting services

We have talented and experienced professionals who have been in this field for many years. They are very passionate about their job and know what they do. If you are interested in hiring our hosting services, please contact us @ (713)-589-6496

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