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Agile mobile app development method is one of the most practical methods to all the software development businesses, it guarantees an accurate channel of communication, which benefits both the customers and App Developers perform the expected mobile application or actually any software.


Agile development is described as the skill to move quickly and simple; concerning a method of project management that is constituted by the separation of functions into temporary stages of work and recurrent reconsideration and adaptation of plans.


The practices of agile development make easier mobile app development so that the emerging mobile apps are adaptable after delivery. The theory of agile development is reliable, and there are many mutual characteristics of agile development teams that help put the theory into practice.


The conclusion of agile is to be fast and able to make fast modifications, the same conclusion with the Agile method. Concerning a method of project management that it’s marked by the division of tasks into short segments of work and frequent revision and change of plans.


 The agile approach to mobile app development emphasizes customer participation, adaptable planning, and continuous evaluation, and, obviously, risk management. Resultantly, mobile app development projects can be finished successfully and efficiently. At DESSS, we really believe in continuous communication with our customers to guarantee the final product is exactly what we expect and want.


The Agile software development principles are:


  • Customer satisfaction through quick and constant delivery of valuable software
  • Embrace changing desires, even in the last phase of development
  • Close, an everyday collaboration between client and developers
  • The conversation is the best form of communication
  • Operational software is the main demonstration of progress
  • Supportable development, capable to preserve a constant progress
  • Nonstop attention to technical quality and excellent design
  • Simplicity — the art of maximizing the quantity of work not done is essential
  • The team should reflect on how to become more operative and adjust, therefore.


Agility is a certain way to create a functional agreement between Price, Work, and Risk. With implementation, Agile can make the process many times easier and a lot more effective.


Old fashioned software development applies rarely adapts for mobile app development because of the viewable nature of the products and the enormous expectation of usability from current users. Old-style development techniques concentrated more on business processes and less on consumers but mobile apps need ease of use and common logic either the mass market consumer of the perceptive business user to accept usability.


In nowadays, the world is determined by Technology which is regularly changing. In this fast changing picture DESSS embraces the agile method to succeed besides changes. We offer an exclusive combination of our method, engines, best performs, and metrics to nonstop improve the software development process and launch collaborative control with our clients.


The one size fits all software approach doesn’t fit your business model or goals. Your business is onliest and your software requires properties from other businesses even though they are your competitors. Today’s companies are realizing the many benefits of building their own custom software and database to support meet their unique business objectives.


That's why at DESSS we use Agile Development methods for structure mobile applications. The agile software development method for building mobile applications is an accurate development process that offers importance to build mobile apps in short cycles successfully and efficiently through collaboration between client and developer team.


We focus on best practices, develop with structured agility, and allow our client's visible access to what we’re doing as we effort to serve their objectives.


DESSS applying Technologies follows agile software development practice for all custom software development, application development services.