Top Application Integration Consulting company

Application Integration Consulting Company

Application Integration is the process of making independently designed application systems work together. Usually is a difficult procedure because, in each circumstance, developers must join disparate information architectures involving dissimilar data, processes, and object models. Besides, in most cases, developers need also to make the global solution operate across multiple operating systems, databases, and middleware technologies.

The first software programs created in areas such as inventory control, human resources, sales automation, and database management were designed to run independently, without communication between the systems. They were custom-built in the technology of the day for a specific need being addressed and were often proprietary systems.

As companies grow and identify the necessity to transfer information across and share between systems, enterprises are financing EAI in favor of modernizing procedures and having all the elements of the company communicated. DESSS has concentrated efforts on comprehensive Enterprise Application Management, Middleware administration, and support services.

Enterprise application integration is very important for being competitive in the market. Organizations today depend on enterprise applications more than ever to modernize business operations, reduce complexity, expand enterprise work management and connect with customers. But as they implement new solutions, many companies end up with a blend of applications that can not communicate with each other and will not integrate.

EAI may contain configuring a new total lookout of a company’s business and its applications, seeing how key applications fit into the new model and then creating methods to simply reuse what already lives while including additional new applications and info.  ‘Service Oriented Architecture’ or “SOA” has been used to describe the practice that assigns standards-based interfaces to companies’ purposes.  An SOA is a shared solution to enterprise application integration meetings.

In Desss we offer your business:


  • We provide a set of pre-project assistance to guarantee a strong integration vision (deliverables, budget, and timeline choices), the best technology option, and safety architecture.  
  • Safeguard the life of main legacy applications, and standardize others.  
  • EAI upgrade and Maintenance.
  • Permit agile, efficient digital business processes by using an operational intelligence platform to monitor continuing processes and expand process competencies.
  • Reduce complexity, modernize data-driven operations, and allow continuous process improvements by automating, monitoring, and analyzing operational methods.
  • Construct robust customer and consolidate  long-term relationships
  • Re-engineering of an existing solution to EAI
  • Process and Data modeling
  • A full analysis of technology choices including open-source and commercial components
  • Recover Reporting
  • Create dependable reports, available thru departments.
  • B2B integration if required.
  • Integration of architecture design.

Nowadays, integration is concentrated on the need to respond to laws, mergers, and acquisitions, requirements for self-service portals for customers and employees, B2B collaboration, and others.

Each client is exclusive, so depending on our client’s requirements and current IT infrastructure, DESSS decides between several types of integration techniques which fit the best return on investments and reduce the cost of ownership of the entire information infrastructure.

If you have quite a few applications that fail to share data, your company probably needs enterprise application integration (EAI). DESSS can assist you to modernize your application site to better support your operations; and coordinate from numerous platforms, giving a principal access point to your information. Get a quote now.