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At DESSS, we believe that testing is not just a single time event but a repeated approach that becomes part of business strategy in the enterprise. We provide quality and reliable testing services that are very crucial to businesses and customers. At DESSS, as part of our testing philosophy, we follow the best testing strategies and practices that are robust, innovative, and effective.

    Application Testing Services

    The Testing Services that we do:

    • Entire application testing using latest tools and methodologies
    • Use customized testing practices based on vast experience and enterprise standards
    • Independent testing, verification, validation practice, and complete support in the entire life cycle of application development
    • Holistic testing services boosted by specialized tools and solutions

    The Benefits of Application Testing Services:

    • Guaranteed savings in support costs
    • Zero downtime
    • A great acceleration in product release
    • Assured year on year reduction in testing costs


    Application Testing Services

The processes involved in Testing Services:

  • We do an application quality analysis to determine whether the application is worth your investment.

  • We offer application assessments that will give an idea of how to improve the quality of the application and reduce the cost to make it cost effective.

  • We also do an application code analysis to identify the errors and rectify them.

Why is an application testing done?

  • To ensure it works perfectly as intended

  • To assure it meets the desired requirements

  • In order to be sure that it can be implemented again with the same characteristics.

The steps that we follow in application testing:

  • Plan and prepare the required infrastructure.

  • Create a test or component that needs to be tested and changed.

  • Insert checkpoints into the test.

  • Parameterize the test or component.

  • Run the test.

  • Analyze the results.

  • Report the defects identified.

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