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What Is BigCommerce?

A free SaaS service, BigCommerce is leading a new eCommerce time. By using BigCommerce, you can discover endless ways to develop the business and expand. With BigCommerce, you can create attractive and engaging shopping experiences using appealing design tools and manage the operational complexity with this secure and user-friendly eCommerce platform. Additionally, BigCommerce helps outperform the competitors by providing fast and efficient shopping experiences that keep customers returning repeatedly.

BigCommerce has built-in SEO tools that help companies to increase their organic exposure. Analytics dashboards provide customers with information and insights, visibility of the website, and product-specific performance.
Increase traffic to your store's website with BigCommerce SEO. Did you realize it is true that BigCommerce incorporates Google Shopping to help businesses grow their market share? Benefit from the standard features of the platform, including Metadata as well as robots.txt editing, which can increase organic exposure and the number of people who visit your website.

A flexible platform that can be customized to your specifications, BigCommerce includes pre-built responsive templates to help you create a quick and easy eCommerce store.
It is optional to be a web developer or a programmer to design and edit pages using BigCommerce Enterprise. The drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for people who need to be coding experts to design and build custom websites that offer users a pleasant experience.
Make use of these responsive designs to easily create your online store. You can also customize themes by using HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. The themes are all designed to be mobile-friendly, so buyers at any point in the buying journey can browse or add items to carts and complete their purchases easily on mobile devices.

BigCommerce comes with a variety of 3rd-party payment solutions. They accept payment from large service providers, PayPal, and many more. This feature allows companies to choose which payment option is best for their needs.

The platform for eCommerce integrates with other applications and has a tested and third-party-certified marketplace. An extensive application marketplace and a thriving community of app developers help companies develop specific elements or features that will enhance their websites.

By using BigCommerce, you can connect to the top marketplaces and sell at the time most people buy. 

Ensure your store's data centers and a backup data center are apart to minimize the chance of failure.

BigCommerce lets you meet the demands of global customers by accepting payment in more than 100 currencies and allowing local payment methods via any payment gateway you'd like.

The front end can be localized to BigCommerce in any language using the APIs available for third-party translation services and apps.
With the ability to allow third-party development and accept more features and capabilities, BigCommerce provides an end-to-end solution that can be customized to your needs.

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