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Utilizing business analytics efficiently is the main difference between successful companies and those that fail in the present environment. Why? Because things are evolving as well as becoming competitive in all sectors of business. The benefits of business analytics and the proper utilization of data analytics are crucial to beat the competition. DESSS helps leaders improve their companies by offering business analytics consultancy services. We can help you gain an advantage in your market by providing actionable data.  DESSS is a renowned research and analytics firm that provides business analytics to research companies, large corporations as well as small- and mid-sized businesses. We aim to help our clients realize the benefits when outsourcing their research tasks.

We assist our clients in gaining a full understanding of how efficiently their businesses operate, which includes performance ratings, customer behavior, Return on Investment, and many more. This assists them to make strategic business decisions that will determine the future direction of their businesses.

What is Business Analytics?

Business analytics allows you to track the performance of your company and gain insights that can be used to plan for the future. Companies can use business analytics to develop predictive modeling which gives them invaluable tools for decision-making. There are many types of business analytics services like financial services analytics, credit and risk analytics, as well as marketing analytics. Business analytics refers to a collection of technologies and disciplines that can be used to solve business problems by using data analysis, statistical models, and other quantitative methods. It is a methodical, iterative exploration of data within an organization, with a focus on statistical analysis to support decision-making.


Companies that are data-driven treat their data as an asset, and look for ways to make it a competitive advantage. The success of Business analytics depends on the quality of data, skilled analysts who know the technology, and a willingness to use data to advise business decisions. We can offer behavioral analytics and collections analytics depending on the industry. Visualize the benefits of having business analytics consultants and data experts work with you to help you set goals, answer business questions, identify red flags, make executive decisions, challenge, and guide you through the processes.


You may have used data in the past to help you understand your company's operations. These steps are: Gather data, determine what it means, and then figure out how you can apply it. Business analytics has evolved to be more complex. Ask yourself, "What problems am I trying to solve?" What are the most important decisions I must make? Next, identify the key decisions that are required to make those decisions. Then, determine what information is needed to produce that insight and then decide which data sources will provide it.


A successful analysis program will provide accurate, up-to-date information on past and current performance. It will also help you to see the future.


Progress through Data Comprehension

We can help you navigate any data, no matter how big or complex.

Most likely, you are looking at more data than your brain can handle. We can help you sort the data, and give you the right information at the right time so that you can make the right decision.

  •  Understanding your customers
  • Identify potential threats and opportunities
  • Respond to your business needs
  • Use relevant data to innovate faster
  • Competitive advantage

Combining your experience with the insights from the data allows you to grow your business and build a plan for the future.

A Business Analytics strategy that is successful will provide accurate, up-to-date information on past and current performance. It can also be used to help you see the future using predictive analytics.

What are the Benefits of Business Analytics Consulting Services?

Know the benefits of having certified data experts and business analysts working with you.

  • Set goals & aspirations
  • Answer your core business queries         
  • Recognize red flags and act immediately
  • Invoke data-driven executive decisions
  • Use proven methods to create a road map for success
What Are The Steps Involved In The Implementation And Maintenance Of Business Analytics?


Do extensive research to find opportunities.

Our analytics services will allow you to make use of data to uncover all areas within your business. You can plot a course using accurate, powerful, real-time data. We will soon have together ambitious goals and a roadmap to achieve them.


Combine strategies and tactics to achieve your goals.

Our team is your best friend when you are ready to do the right thing. This is a productive and exciting stage where new systems and processes can be created, developed, and integrated. It's not hard to feel better when everything is well-planned and you have someone to support you.


Analyze your data to improve your performance continuously.

After your data is transformed into information, it's time to take a step back and ask your data to produce data-driven insights. With the help of some of the most powerful tools in the market, we will improve and personalize your information to deliver consistently what is required at any moment in time. Finding out how to gather, change, and polish information or ways to defeat your competition fulfills our mission.

It's now time to get educated and build your internal resources to prepare for the long haul ahead. It's time to be excited!


Instruct your team to improve self-sufficiency.

We aim to inform and empower our partners about the services that we offer. It is taught during the training sessions we offer to our employees in a personalized method.

This can help your team increase their confidence and help them to align themselves with the goals of the business. In the end, it helps improve communication and collaboration with concentrated efforts. Progress, indeed!

We are enthusiastic about what we do and could or might not interest you. In the end, equipping your employees with the latest data-driven knowledge allows the team to make a difference in increasing your company's growth in the proper direction.

Finally, everyone wins!

Over the years, we have changed from our experience and re-inventing ourselves from challenge to challenge to constantly enhance our results. Our goal is to help your company get there, by making use of information to help you make more informed choices, prioritize, implement actions, and deliver sustainable outcomes.


Fast, structured transfer of knowledge from your information. The constant evolution of your data is a top priority.


It is unavoidable to change, but it's not permanent. Through understanding the needs of your business we can provide tailored solutions that maximize outcomes.


As creative problem solvers, we use our collective knowledge to assist you to grow and develop using data.

Benefits of Using Business Analytics!

How do Business Analytics work? What are the benefits your company can benefit from?

Analytics lets you know how well your mission is being fulfilled!

A reputed business has its own mission statement, which is an outline of values that they present to its clients in the form of a marketing strategy or as a way of monitoring its own progress. Many companies hire or retain employees based on the values contained in their mission statements as guidelines. While this can be helpful in determining which employees help your company grow, however, it's not enough to just leave the matter at this. Values have to be measured and communicated in a tangible manner, such as the ability to generate more profit for the company.

Measured values can help the business improve its analytical process because it defines a common goal that should be followed by everyone involved in the business. When these values are measured, they will be to by the employees in order to gain a clearer view of what is expected from them. The more informed they are, the more productive they will become.

Analytics Encourages Smart Decision-Making!

Accessibility to important data gives companies the power to make accurate decisions that could leverage businesses. It not only provides useful data but also allows companies to make decisions faster and more efficiently than before.

Companies can maximize the use of Business Analytics when they share the discussion with as many employees as needed. Ever heard of the saying “Together we can do so much?” A group is usually able to analyze data better and reach objective and informed decisions compared to just one person.

Analytics Provides Clearer Insights through Data Visualization!

Recent versions of analytics care about how you present your data to your analytics team. Comprehensive charts and graphs can be used to make sure that decision-making is more interesting. Through visual representations of extracted data, relevant and useful insights can be extracted in a much clearer way.

With Business Analytics data visualization, the information that you need about your market is there on your table, presented in a visually appealing and organized manner.

Analytics Keep You Updated!

Modern consumers change their minds easily as trends come and go, and they are easily influenced by “better” offers. Analytics can give you insight into how your target market thinks and acts. You will be prompted to be dynamic at all times to serve the needs of your ever-changing consumers.

Changes in the industry can occur at a very rapid pace. It is not unusual to see larger companies being consumed by promising start-ups. Protect your business from unpredictability with analytics so that you may be able to innovate and forestall your products according to your consumer’s needs and preferences.

Analytics Offer Efficiency!

Efficiency for businesses has been improving since the advent of Business Analytics. With the ability to gather a large amount of data at a fast rate and present it in a visually appealing way, companies can now formulate decisions to help achieve specific goals. Analytics encourages a company culture of efficiency and teamwork where employees are able to express their insights and share in the decision-making process.

Business Analytics also provides companies with better choices on such matters as where to take the business as well as determining the steps needed to achieve new goals. For more queries Contact us Today!