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Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you manage ERP on a large scale and offer advanced features. You can use the platform wherever you are with its mobile-friendly interface. DESSS offers MS Dynamics consulting services in Houston for enterprises to manage from one platform. A centralized data model lets you efficiently manage your business tasks and combine tasks from different departments. Our Microsoft Dynamics AX consultants offer expert advice in various industries, including banking, insurance, manufacturing, energy, utilities, communication and logistics, healthcare, life sciences, media, and many others.

It is challenging to choose the right Enterprise Resource Planning software. One of these parameters is to ensure that all stakeholders in the ERP system clearly understand what they want. It would help if you had greater insight and visibility into your operations to measure progress toward company goals. Microsoft Dynamics AX (enterprise resource planning) is a Microsoft Dynamics AX solution that helps manufacturing and distribution companies meet their specific business needs. Dynamics AX is a powerful ERP solution that companies with multiple divisions and currencies can use. Companies can quickly adapt to market changes by integrating natively with familiar Microsoft apps.

DESSS helps customize Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions to fit your business's needs. We ensure that they are fully integrated with your existing systems and easily modified to suit your specific requirements. We are your Microsoft Dynamics AX and ERP consulting partner. Our goal is to help you improve your result.

Why Choose Dynamics AX Services In Houston For Your Business?

  • Increase Productivity - DESSS business intelligence services will make your work more efficient. Employees can work efficiently and take proactive steps with familiar and easy-to-use tools. They also have access to Role-Tailored information, tasks, and information.
  • Improve Productivity – You'll work smarter with role centers and powerful business intelligence. The familiar, easy-to-use tools and access to Role-Tailored information and tasks enable employees to work quickly and make proactive decisions.
  • Compete Globally – You can manage the complexity of a global company with one central multi-language, multisite, multi-country solution. Also, you will be able to keep up with changes in local regulations.
  • Simplified Compliance – You'll be able to stay ahead of the regulatory curve and reduce liability and risk associated with customer initiatives and corporate governance by using business intelligence solutions.
  • Streamlined Business Procedures – The streamlined procedures help increase standardization within the company. We help reduce redundancy, lower operational costs, and take advantage of economies of scale.

 DESSS Dynamics AX Service Offerings

  • Manage Change and Growth – DESSS is one of the best Microsoft Dynamics AX partners and can help you scale your business and adapt processes quickly with one ERP solution. Our solution can support your strategic initiatives and help manage market changes such as mergers and acquisitions.
  • Allow You to Compete Globally – A centralized ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you manage the complexity of global organizations. It standardizes processes and provides visibility throughout your organization.  
  • Compliance Management – DESSS' Certified Dynamics AX Partners in Houston to stay ahead of regulatory compliance. We are Microsoft Certified Solution Partner System Integrators and Dynamics 365 Implementation Partners.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions – Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a solid industry foundation that partners with packaged applications to niche verticals such as high-tech manufacturing and architecture, engineering, and specialty retail. This industry expertise can help you better manage market dynamics and deliver breakthrough innovation with one ERP solution.


DESSS' Functional Competency

  • Warehouse Management - Lessen operational costs by automating warehouse processes.
  • Transportation Management - DESSS offers effective transportation planning and freight resolution.
  • Human Resources - You get comprehensive functionality, including payroll analytics, position forecast, reporting, and benefit updates.
  • Financial Management - Manage your finances intelligently, including bank, accounts payable, and ledger.
  • Sales & Marketing - Automate sales processes, streamline sales and marketing, and integrate intelligence systems with your sales process.
  • E-commerce and Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are great platforms to shape campaigns and involve customers.
  • Master Data Management - Increase consistency in your data across all your organizations and deployments.
  • Budget Planning – Microsoft Excel templates are easy to use for creating budget plan worksheets.


Why Choose DESSS for Dynamics AX Services In Houston?

Our team helps organizations use Microsoft Dynamics AX to their advantage, as it is fully customizable. DESSS Consulting services can help you increase the speed of your business and take advantage of the cloud platform's flexibility. Our services can help you assess and manage risk, as well as provide a comprehensive commerce offering. Moreover, our Microsoft Dynamics AX consultants can help you accelerate business performance and improve corporate strategy. The functional consultants at DESSS can review your business processes and provide recommendations on the best ERP investment options. You can access accurate business information in real-time, which will help you to operate more efficiently.

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