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What does Enterprise Application mean?

An enterprise application (EA) is a large software system platform designed to operate in a corporate atmosphere such as business or government. EAs are intricate, scalable, component-based, distributed, and mission-critical. EA software comprises a group of programs with shared business applications and organizational modeling utilities designed for exceptional functionalities. EAs are developed by adopting enterprise architecture.

EA software is a crucial component of any computer-based information system. EA software eventually increases efficiency and productivity through business-level support performance. An enterprise application must be - Like any modern application - solid, operate well, provide an automatic, intuitive, and effective user interface, and so on. However, besides these common attributes, it can be defined by these specific qualities.


Must be able to manipulate massive data and use voluminous parallel processing, network distributed resources, and intricate rationality. We can set it up thru multiple platforms and interact with many other applications.

Business Focused

Its intention is to satisfy specific business necessities. It encrypts business policies, procedures, guidelines, and entities is settled in a business organization, and is installed in a manner approachable to business requirements.

Without fails

An enterprise application must be robust enough to allow incessant operation. It must be very flexible for scalability and setting out, and tolerate efficient maintenance, monitoring, and supervision. These potentials obviously make the task of enterprise development extremely complex, and the trend is too fast-growing demands. The quick development of computer hardware and software, joint with global economic competition, and changes have created a situation in which business systems should respond fast and deliver supreme levels of enforcement. As these requests continue, designers must automate even more of their businesses, create their software even faster, attend to more users, and process a fast-growing mass of data.

To design an enterprise application, you must consider and balance an immense collection of application necessities, there are some of them:

  • Business objectives.

  • Delivery time

  • Budget.

  • How many people will develop, test, and maintain it?

  • The number of users must support.

  • Simplify the performance and the way to use it.

  • The hardware must run on.

  • How secure is required

  • Life app expectation.


DESSS is an experienced, trusted Enterprise App Development agency that supports clients create and customize, integrate, and migrate software applications. Enterprise mobility solutions deliver tools and services to companies that allow them to move at the speed of their customers. DESSS can help businesses define the mobile solutions they need to progress with technology and their customers' requests. From superior integration and access to consistent data security and autonomous app management, DESSS offers solutions that encourage connection and maximize productivity.

At DESSS, we design and develop flexible yet simple-to-use enterprise mobile web applications by integrating our global experience, design capabilities, and technical knowledge to address your most complex business requirements. No matter if you are looking for launching a new enterprise mobile app, or looking for an enterprise application to improve productivity within your business, you can believe our developers to deliver a solution. With the latest technologies, our experienced application developers will work with you to understand your requirements and apply their knowledge, to build designs that work. Also, we provide continuous maintenance and support for your enterprise applications.

Enterprises small, medium, or large, are looking for potent applications that are customized to mobile devices and can provide anytime, anywhere access to enterprise information and data. DESSS offers many creative custom enterprise mobility solutions. We apply the most dynamic development techniques to create and manage stable, operative, and scalable applications for our clients. Whether you want us to take on the total of your application project, we have the flexibility and technical knowledge to deliver.

DESSS utilizes the most dynamic development techniques to create and manage stable, effective applications for our clients. Whether you want us to take on the entirety of your application project, from analysis to design to development to integration, or you wish to collaborate with our team, we have the flexibility and technical knowledge to deliver. We have expertise in developing enterprise mobile applications which are robust, secure, easy to navigate, and cost-effective. We design our applications to save effort, time, and money. This helps to improve business penetration through comprehensive and customized mobile applications.

We don’t just listen to our client’s strategy, we can help figure it out. Then we put it at the vanguard of every move we make. We have the products to back it up. DESSS Mobile is backed by nearly two decades of experience in enterprise app development. We deliver. Because we understand what it takes to make strategies successful and plans a certainty. At DESSS we believe in active software development processes, creating cross-functional teams that foment powerful collaboration at all steps. We can see the results in our applications, which are flexible and we can continuously improve so once launched.Reach us now.