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Warehouse management is the heart of most service or product-oriented businesses. Regulating the flow of accurate inventory information is becoming an expensive challenge for businesses obstructed by cumbersome, inaccurate manual processes resulting in higher operating costs and inefficient storage space utilization. Explicitly designed for scaling up companies, DESSS Epicor Warehouse Management Solution in Houston streamlines manual processes, from purchasing through shipping and delivery to customers. WMS Software deployed by clients ranges across various industries such as logistics service distribution, wholesale, manufacturing, automotive, and many more. Monitoring and managing inventory can make the difference between business success and failure. Staff members could view the status of sales orders in real-time, including current inventory levels and technology-assisted estimates of demand.


DESSS Epicor Warehouse Management Solutions in Houston provides a range of management tools that allow businesses to efficiently place orders, increase profits and have enough inventories to meet demand. Get your shop and warehouse floor operations to enter a new efficiency level with the most innovative innovation in the market today, Epicor Warehouse Management Solutions in Houston by DESSS. With its modern and intuitive user interface and native Android functionality with real-time updates, Epicor Warehouse Management Solutions by DESSS offers innovative inventory management and warehouse system that has the potential to change your business and improve your profits.

Warehouse Management Systems and related products give you a complete view of your company's operations, helping your organization become more proactive –

  • Improve accuracy of inventory up to 95%or more
  • Improve productivity by 30%
  • Eliminates shipping errors by 90%
  • It eliminates the need to conduct physical inventory counts.


Benefits of Epicor Warehouse Management System for Your Business

  • Balancing Stock – Strategic inventory balance across warehouses and stores could cut shipping costs. Increases profits when B2B businesses offer free shipping, decrease delivery time and help customers be responsible for shipping charges.  
  • Automated Inventory Flow Analysis – Monitoring the inventory flow can help keep a constant view of overstocked and understocked inventory. Allows the decision-makers or automated ordering tools to maximize the amount of inventory on hand or store and warehouse.  
  • Pricing Planner – Pricing Planner is a feature that draws information from multiple sources like competition, market prices, average locations, store location, and many other variables to suggest the most reasonable cost to maximize profits.  
  • Lot Tracking – The traceability of lots is crucial when a business and its product are subject to the government's regulations. The tracking of defective products is equally essential to safeguard the company's image. Integration of WMS makes it possible to immediately locate any component or product to avoid recalls or decrease the number of defective products.  
  • Identify Gross Margin Return on Investment – The gross margin on investment, also known as GMROI, is an essential financial indicator that monitors margin movement. The integrated Epicor software tracks the GMROI, helping find profits and losses, and assists businesses in improving their order strategies.  
  • Identify Products for Clearance – Some products might show poor performance, which the businesses can store to help with order fulfillment. Still, more extensive inventories must get eliminated from shelves as incentives, gifts, or discounted items.
  • Eliminate Manual Errors – Integrating WMS eliminates manual errors and provides the information in real-time to help aid business decisions, including alarms for reordering and reordering and alerts to the inventory management team.
  • Managing the Purchase Orders – Purchase orders can become an obstacle in manufacturing or reordering. The lengthy lead time for purchase orders can also result in businesses lacking enough stock to fulfill an order of significant size or the demand for their products when making an order to a large extent. Embedded Epicor Warehouse Management System increases the accuracy of your Purchase Order and allows you to predict closing dates based upon approvals of stakeholders.   

Our Approach towards Epicor Warehouse Management System in Houston

  • Our team learns more about the warehouse operations of our customers and the issues they face by carrying out a thorough investigation process.
  • Identify a suitable WMS implementation service to get a quick ROI.
  • We prepare our customers for future growth with in-depth knowledge transmission by the WMS consultants.
  • Use pre-defined WMS implementation templates to reduce the implementation timeframe and cost.


Why Choose DESSS for Epicor Warehouse Management System in Houston?

  • Improved Data Accuracy – Our solutions ensure the serial, lot, and item numbers accuracy once the goods are delivered.
  • Real-Time Updates – Track inventory as items enter or leave the warehouse.
  • Optimization of Space Use – Ensure products have sufficient space and store the most frequently moving objects close to fulfillment areas.
  • Enhance Productivity of Labor – Our solutions guide users in completing essential tasks, including receiving and storing goods to transferring them in the most efficient way possible.  
  • Higher-Order Fill Rates – Epicor WMS helps find efficient pick routes and multi-order picks to improve fulfillment.  
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction – Deliver orders quickly and avoid wrong picks and incorrect completion by validating the data.

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