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Epicor offers the accurate tools to professionally forecast, assemble, ship, and deliver the goods that customers need.

Epicor WMS software is created with the needs of joy service providers in mind, while also offering vital functionality required for general warehouse management operations. This main functionality contains inventory control, task and load management, multi-channel and order processing.


The Epicor warehouse management system is a segment of a higher suite of supply chain management applications which includes customer relationship management, supplier relationship management, and supply chain execution.

This system is more potent than regular ERP software since it does not need a distinct tool for managing materials in your storeroom. It lets you track items and products from their ordering to their movement inside the warehouse until their shipping.

Epicor WMS was developed by Epicor Software, which was founded in 1984. The company is dedicated to creating numerous solutions for many businesses.

Epicor WMS is recommended for any sized business companies that need to improve their resource management. Although companies in many sectors may use it, corporations concentrating in distribution, manufacturing, and services and retail would benefit from it the most.

Enterprises that distribute products and services need to make sure that they have the right resources to cover their clients’ requirements. For this reason is important to them keeping track and be in control of these resources. Epicor WMS offers all of these.

Online Warehouse Management Software is a system that controls the allocation of resources and materials inside a warehouse and the shipping out of merchandises. Recently systems use a mixture of barcode scanners, mobile devices, and Radio-frequency identification (RFID) to proficiently monitor the flow of products in and out of the Warehouse.

The Warehouse Management Software here is offered under the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which mean that the software is web-based, hosted on the Cloud and can be opened when required through a client or web browser.

Epicor Cash Collect is a strong solution that incorporates with Epicor ERP to extend the accounts payable module inside the ERP system with automation and inherent best practices. Features in the software permit users to automate payment reminder emails, order collection activities, archive customer email conversations, automatically schedule follow up activities, manage differences, forecast cash, etc.


  • Service Management
  • Arriving and outbound lot control, serial tracking,   combined picking, cross-docking a, d carton packing 
  • The Windows Explorer user interface is familiar to most users, thus improving learnability  Product Data Management
  • Returns/Recalls
  • Epicor WMS smoothly integrates with other software, leasing you take advantage of your other business applications
  • Customers have the final choice and flexibility with Epicor ERP. Whether they choose to install on premise, hosted, or cloud—with access from their PC, tablet, or mobile device—Epicor ERP gives users the freedom to shape their relationship with technology.
  • Epicor WM supports different languages making it especially convenient for international companies
  • Today businesses want ERP solutions that are easy to use, that employees can become productive with very quickly, and that deliver high performance and scalability.
  • Task and load management with interactive real-time management of activities.
  • Epicor WMS is customizable and can be adapted to precise company requirements.
  • Epicor Version 10 presents several applications and technologies that can transform the way companies cooperate inside and outside, allowing them to influence the knowledge and experience of the people and systems connected thru the supply chain.
  • Real-Time inventory control.
  • Epicor ERP makes simpler the user experience for everyone in the company with extraordinary simple adaption —from the management of implementation and modernizations to the ease with which spontaneous users can access information.
  • A cost real solution with great features that would benefit the business operation
  • Epicor ERP extends access to information for your users, anyplace they are in the world, on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Scanning 

Epicor WMS has its own handheld inventory management hardware, but the software can also mix with technology from other vendors.

Designed for the specific requirements of successful service providers in addition to conventional warehouse management, Epicor integrated WMS software offers complete control, management, and visibility of all logistics and SCM operations.

With Epicor Cash Collect automating their most time consuming and repetitive tasks, the company's collectors now have more time and energy to spend on issues that require a more personal touch. It's like having another employee without the additional overhead.