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HCL Commerce is an enterprise eCommerce platform that combines all the best features of a traditional eCommerce platform with powerful customer experiences. It is beneficial for large businesses that have complex and large orders. This eCommerce platform is the best and has all the latest features to help you take your business to new heights. HCL Commerce offers various capabilities worldwide, including tools to manage marketing campaigns and drive sales conversions. This platform is available to any company, regardless of industry.


What is HCL Commerce?

This post-covid economy forces B2C, B2B, and B2B2C businesses to rethink their digital strategy. This is a time for them to re-evaluate how and where they interact with customers and to reconsider whether their current technology will enable them to serve customers effectively. Ecommerce Managers and CEOs require eCommerce technology to give them maximum flexibility. You have enough flexibility to pick the best business focus for any situation. Industry leaders who rely on eCommerce need to be able to bring products to market quickly, integrate third-party solutions and expand internationally. They also need to have the ability to create seamless experiences for customers, either by creating new ones or improving existing ones. This is all possible with modern technology.


E-commerce leaders usually consider two factors as vital when choosing a platform. They are cost and time. These factors are acceptable in the case of HCL Commerce, as it trails across a modernized path. The current implementation times for a solution based on HCL Commerce are reasonably short.

•    Ability to scale up to the highest transaction volumes, especially for enterprise-level retailers
•    Extensive Out-of-The Box features to help retailers get to market quicker
•    Architecture that can manage complexity and allow for customization, which is crucial for brand differentiation, something that most SaaS platforms do not offer
•    Its proprietary inheritance model makes it easy for leading eCommerce brands with new storefronts, geo-locations, and new brands to implement them
•    B2B, B2C, and B2B2C support all on one platform that allows organizations to sell more

What are the Key Features of HCL Commerce to Boost Customer Experience?

HCL Commerce's latest version has many powerful features. The platform is moving in the right direction with the marketplaces and improvements to B2B and C-stores, as well as other improvements such as the native cloud, flexibility in managing the catalog, precision, and personalization in marketing. These are all capabilities that will ensure your business' success.

HCL Commerce's latest version offers two separate "launchers," B2C or B2B, and both run on React. Storefronts optimized for speed and based on best industry practices such as RWD, SPA, and PWA are designed to be fast. Your organization can offer the same user experience across all devices. A pre-built, tested, and configured Storefront will allow you to make the right leap for your company.

Depending on your brand and business requirements, you can customize as many as you wish. HCL Commerce makes sure that eCommerce stores meet all page load times. HCL Commerce's starter stores can be viewed as Single Page Applications (SPAs), enabling you to provide ultra-fast customer services.

The new interfaces leverage the power of Google Material Design. They are simple and intuitive and improve usability. These layouts allow for plenty of branding opportunities with modularized functionality.

HCL Commerce believes in offering a complete shopping experience with integrated management capabilities. This allows your business to optimize its processes, minimize the total cost of ownership, maximize technology investment, and concentrate on growth and expansion as the business needs.

React's responsive storefronts are designed with extensibility as a priority. Each area of the "pages", can be replaced with a third-party or custom solution. You can swap components to help your business run more efficiently, from the product grid to all widgets on the product pages.

Many other vital functions may interest your business, so it is worth looking into. HCL Commerce offers excellent options for those who want more control over their eCommerce and to grow globally. They also provide the ability to manage large transactions on a modern platform.

  • Best-in-class services
  • Seamless migration
  • Experts with industry experience handle the process
  • Leveraging technology to the fullest to avoid any business risks

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