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Healthcare Outsourcing Services consulting

DESSS provides excellent outsourcing services by which medical organizations can successfully lower administrative costs without bringing down the quality of their medical services. We offer solutions to healthcare providers to bring down administrative costs, reduce healthcare costs, manage data, and connect and integrate fragmented health procedures.

Healthcare outsourcing solutions


We provide the following healthcare outsourcing solutions:

  • We provide high-value solutions to streamline cash flow and speed up the reimbursement process. This helps healthcare providers to manage their revenue very well, reduce costs, and increase profit margins without compromising on the quality of medical services.
  • Using cutting-edge technology, we provide cost-effective technical solutions that lower operational costs, enrich patients’ experience, and increase revenue for the organization.
  • We offer the best customer care solutions to manage customers' requests and services while the health care provider can concentrate on their core business of medical services.
  • We also provide some value-added services such as clinical documentation service, Medical Record audits, validation services, and other back office services.
  • We provide the tools like Admin, Management, and Customer complaint handling to facilitate internal operations smoothly and enhance operational efficiency.

Why should you choose DESSS for your Outsourcing processes?

  • We have a lasting relationship with healthcare providers.
  • We have been helping our clients reap benefits
  • We have helped them provide efficient services to customers, improve cash flows, improve compliance, and other services.

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