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Is your online presence able to attract customers and increase sales by delivering the proper recognition, utility, and attractiveness? Is your application offering the functionality and features that will give your business a tangible advantage?

The Internet offers a wealth of opportunities. E-commerce success in today's volatile economy requires more than a website presence. It takes a strategic solution that encourages customer loyalty and flexible infrastructure to adapt to change. It requires the best tools to leverage your business model, systems, and processes for high-margin continuous growth. Partnering with an expert in eCommerce is essential to build and sustaining a strong web presence. DESSS Consulting is a highly-certified and award-winning IBM Premier Partner, which has developed a lot of unique sites.


IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is the most popular platform globally. You can create, connect, and optimize applications for any environment, with millions of applications distributed around the globe, trusted by 1000s of customers. WebSphere continues to improve its performance and capabilities every time. Its independent benchmarks show a minimum of 25% performance improvement over Opensource and competitor alternatives. WebSphere is all set for next-generation application development. In addition, IBM Cloud Paks can speed up app development when integrated with on-premises cloud capabilities. This platform supports Docker containers and Cloud Foundry built on Kubernetes-based container architecture. DESSS's IBM WebSphere commerce consulting in Houston is one of the top eCommerce developers that accelerate success and unleash the potential of your digital investments.

Our team can implement many off-the-shelf solutions such as IBM WebSphere, combine existing software with state-of-the-art applications, or create a custom solution. We are recognized as eCommerce experts and are active in many industry groups and councils, which allows us to provide clients with access to the latest technologies, often before they even come to market.


What is IBM WebSphere?

WebSphere App Server (WAS ) is a software framework and middleware that hosts Java-based web applications and is the main product in IBM's WebSphere software suite.

Why consider IBM WebSphere Commerce Services in Houston for Your Business?

  • Rapid upgrades, Eliminating expensive testing cycles and deployable packages for custom modifications.
  • Dockers make it easy to create, deploy, and manage applications because they provide stable development environments.
  • Store large amounts of data.
  • Easy debugging process.
  • It improves store performance.
  • Choose relevant content and deliver offers to multiple channels.
  • It is a Flexible, secure, and scalable platform.
  • It allows for better stability of the application server.
  • Excellent product scalability.
  • This solution is simple to use, especially with an intuitive GUI.
  • It will enable choosing from native, virtual, or application container deployment options.
  • It has flexible licensing models to suit your company's needs.
  • Intelligent management features to enhance operational reliability, scalability, and availability.
  • You can take advantage of the broad support for security standards, integrated management, and administrative tools.
  • It allows easy installation and quick startup and responds dynamically to changes in application or configuration.

DESSS's IBM WebSphere Commerce Services in Houston

DESSS offers various value-added services and products to improve your web presence. They are as follows –

IBM Digital reports user activity and analyzes it to find traffic issues, customer abandonment points, order statistics, and other pertinent information.

  • IBM Commerce Insights - Gain faster insight with customer and performance information in the context of customer experience
  • Executive Dashboard – Provides management with a user-friendly interface to see site activity, including top product sales, regional statistics, and the value of open shopping baskets.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Helps websites achieve higher search engine rankings, improve visibility and increase traffic to your company's offerings.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Ensure that your sites comply with all current and pending regulations.

Why Choose DESSS for WebSphere Commerce Consulting in Houston?

DESSS is an IBM Business Partner and an authorized IBM software dealer. We have extensive experience with IBM WebSphere Commerce and can help you migrate to the most recent version of WebSphere Commerce or implement it. Our services are personalized across all channels and provide a consistent and personalized experience. We also offer training and support on WebSphere Commerce. We help you embed intelligent chatbots into digital assets to provide superior service.

Our USPs:

  • Domain knowledge and expertise in WebSphere Commerce
  • 24*7 Support for IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • Experienced consultants
  • Troubleshooting & Performance Monitoring
  • Reusable Frameworks
  • Routine Support and Deployments
  • Multiple Architectures

We deliver better user experience approaches and know what options make our customers comfortable!

Do you want to create rich digital experiences through omnichannel apps? Talk to a specialist from DESSS today!