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Statistical process control (SPC) software from InfinityQS effortlessly collects quality data across the supply chain, for extensive enterprise discernibility.

InfinityQS® quality solutions, deliver incomparable visibility and intelligence. With our solutions, manufacturers increase strategic vision to make data collected decisions that improve product value, minimize costs and risk, and see submission supplies. InfinityQS enables manufacturers to convert quality from a problem into a competitive benefit.

With the right Statistical Process Control (SPC) software solution, your collected data can offer partial information about process performance and product quality and constancy. SPC is an industry-accepted practice that can decrease production costs, improve product quality, and considerably reduce risk, defects, and irregularities.

InfinityQS offers quality management and manufacturing intelligence software that integrates product and process data from multiple sources to distribute discernment about the shop floor. InfinityQS is powered by a statistical process control (SPC) engine and is available in both on-premise and cloud-based deployment choices.

Features embrace data collection and incorporation, real-time monitoring and analysis, workflow management, advanced reporting, role-based dashboards and query functionality enabled by a central data archive. Manual and automated data collection is sustained through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Current-time monitoring gives technicians the information they require to make vital decisions on the shop floor. Workflow management includes automated reminders, timers, and alerts. If there is a problem, users are instantly informed.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) has long been an industry-standard methodology for measuring and controlling quality during the manufacturing process. It is a vital component of most quality systems because of its aptitude to improve productivity, safeguard submission with industry regulations and find opportunities to reduce variability and junk. You’ll sure find an SPC system in several of the leading manufacturing facilities of the whole word.

Features of InfinityQS - Enact

  •     Risk management
  •     Independent tracking.
  •     Contractors can also easily be added to the cloud system through the same scalability options.
  •     Plants, users and quality tests can be added to the centralized quality system without the necessity of significant IT resources, hardware or cost requirements.
  •     Data management

The Enact Platform

  •     SPC quality intelligence in the cloud.
  •     Enact enables manufacturers to quickly and easily decrease costs, increase productivity, and enhance brand status.
  •     Affordable price.

All the data is available thru companies -wide consoles and reports and information can be shared across departments and teams. InfinityQS is able to support businesses with one line in a single facility or hundreds of lines across multiple total amenities.

If data were united into an only system or warehouse with SPC reporting and analysis capabilities, these difficulties would no longer exist. Cloud computing is opening up new opportunities for companies to reconsideration how they approach SPC and quality and is putting the complete product quality development and traceability data at every manufacturer’s fingertips. Cloud-based systems create a much lighter footmark, require less up-front capital and necessitate fewer continuing maintenance tasks than on-premise distributions. The cloud also enables internal IT resources to focus on strategic, high-value projects that can contribute to the bottom line of the organization.

InfinityQS is the leading provider of SPC Software and services to a extensive array of enterprises, from no matter sized more specialized manufacturers. InfinityQS develops software solutions to help manufacturers to monitor, control and improve the quality of their manufacturing operations across a site, a company or an entire supply chain, continuing to provide significant returns on their initial investment. Get a quote here.